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🤘🏻 Yo. I'm Scott. I post hot takes about product design and content strategy all day on Twitter and this Comcast subscription ain't free, baby!

Okay, semi-seriously though, I spend more than I should on domains, hosting, and app services so I can do things like host free office hours, share my ideas in talks and webinars , publish UX Writing Events, write all kinds of LinkedIn articles, occasionally update my blog Brutalist Bookends, and pour my feelings into emails via You Get Email from Scott Kubie. There's more stuff I'd love to do, but first I've got to at least break even on this current stuff.

If you can chip in a buck or five or five hundred to help with that, hey, I'd be grateful as all hell. If you’d like a Twitter shoutout for your support, drop your username into the name field.

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I love the newsletter and I am looking forward to the office hour since WEEKS! :)

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The newsletter is rad. 

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