Whores' Glory by Michael Glawogger. Excellent, feature length documentary exploring the lives and struggles of brothel workers in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico.

In Bangkok, Thailand, women punch a clock and wait for clients in a brightly lit glass box; in the red-light district of Faridpur, Bangladesh, a madam haggles over the price of a teenage girl; and in the border town of Reynosa, Mexico, crack-addicted women pray to a deity named Lady Death. ​

Winner of the Orizzonti Special Jury Prize at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, Michael Glawogger's latest larger-than-life documentary is an audacious, non-judgmental study of sexuality, politics, human behavior and the effects of capital and religion on both women and men from starkly different cultures.

Interview with Michael Glawogger, the director of Whores' Glory