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I'm Scott. I write. I curate. I think. My goal is to turn ideas into words, and to use those words to inform and share.

You might know me from The Plain Text Project, The Monday Kickoff, Weekly Musings, or my work at I write and I curate information. My goal is to share what I've learned, and to make technology a lot less scary for people, like me, who aren't technically inclined.

If you're read and enjoy my work, please consider supporting that work. Your support helps to pay for hosting, for domain renewals, and for the services that help make my work possible. Plus, half of what I receive goes to open source projects and organizations like the EFF, the Internet Archive, and Creative Commons

I'm not expecting to get rich from this. Every little bit helps to keep the lights on.


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Just a very tiny thank you for your newsletter, which I enjoy immensely, and for the plain text project, of which you've pretty much made me a convert.

Thanks! When I'm in our neck of the woods again, I'll have to buy you a real coffee (or something stronger 😄).

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Here's a smoothie ; please keep the lights on! - SFSS

Thank! I appreciate your support 👍