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Our Simple Business Model...

Feb 06, 2021

...Extremely low-cost access to the information you need.

When it comes to funding a private investment from within an IRA, many investors "don't know what they don't know." And while the process of making a private investment in an IRA account is straightforward, the consequences of a misstep can be very costly.

We have 3 basic service offerings that are designed to help you overcome any anxiety you may feel when self-directing your IRA account:

Schedule a Call: You can start with a phone call to us scheduled at your convenience (even some evenings and Saturdays) to obtain confidential and objective information about what you want to do with a self-directed IRA. And because it's a scheduled appointment, you don't have to worry about being put on 'hold' and wondering when someone will actually answer.

Tailor-Made Custodian Fee Report: If you want to proceed with your private investment, the next step will be to select a custodian. But not all custodians will hold all investments, and the fees they charge for their services can vary widely. With more than 40 possible custodians to choose from, that could result in a lot of phone calls. We offer a freely-accessible collection of published custodian fees here. Or you can save valuable time screening potential custodians by purchasing our Custodian Fee Report service. We'll arrange a quick dialog with you about the type of investment you want to make, the amount of your investment, and expected account activity. From this we will generate and email you a report of the fees each qualified custodian will charge, ranked from lowest to highest cost.

Personal Assistance: For patrons that feel they may need additional assistance in selecting a custodian or making an investment with their self-directed IRA account, I can:

  • Help with custodian selection and due diligence,

  • Assist you with completion of custodial forms and investment documents,

  • Advocate on your behalf in the event of a complaint or dispute with the custodian,

  • Educate you on IRS regulations such as Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT),

  • Assist you in moving your IRA account to another SDIRA custodian.

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