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The Southeast Asian Archaeology Newsblog (SEAArch) started out as a personal project in 2006 to learn about the archaeology of Southeast Asia by indexing news stories from the internet. It started just after I finished my undergraduate degree, and has followed me as I obtained my advanced degees and throughout the course of my career as an archaeologist working in Southeast Asia.

Over the years it has grown into a valuable repository of information for researchers and enthusiasts worldwide, with a wide following. As of September 2020, I have indexed over 5,000 news stories; the website reaches an average of 5,000 readers every month, 7,600 followers on Instagram, 2,000 followers on Twitter and 8,400 followers on Facebook.

SEAArch continues to be run as a personal endeavour with the goal of making the website a public resource of information about the archaeology of Southeast Asia. Besides news stories, I post updates on job listings, academic opportunities, latest research and, when I have the time, create detailed resource pages of my own.

The website maintained on my own time with my own financial resources. The costs of running the site is offset by some advertising and affiliate links, and through this Buy Me a Coffee page. If you find SEAArch website useful, consider buying me a (virtual or real) coffee to help keep this site going - it is the best and most direct way of supporting the site. All supporters from this page are also acknowledged on the website.

Gary Bingham
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Thank you for your support Gary, it is very much appreicated
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I appreciate you accumulating such interesting material, thanks. I often fling it on to others, hoping to increase your readership.

Much appreciated, thanks very much Nick!

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Looks great, a shame I never learned before of this great resource!

Thank you very much Arnoud!

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Thank your for setting up this site very helpful. Best wishes to you

Thanks very much Jim!

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