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Hi! My name is Sean Gallagher, an independent photographer and filmmaker.


My work focuses on telling stories about how individuals and communities are being affected by the climate crisis and global environmental issues.

I publish my work in some of the world's leading news outlets (e.g. National Geographic, The Guardian) and it's my aim to keep environmental issues an important part of your daily news cycle. I believe that if we can be more aware of our shared global environmental challenges, we can better work out how we can solve these problems together.


As a husband and father, I want to make the world a better place for my family through my work and encourage others to care about the natural world. Photography and film have a vital role to play in helping us understand our changing planet!

As an independent freelancer, I value my audience and followers for their continued support, encouragement and enthusiasm for my work.


Buy me a coffee and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about photography, filmmaking and/or environmental issues.

Buy me a couple of coffees each month and you can become a member of my community, meaning you can join my regular monthly Zoom group chats, receive my monthly newsletter containing news/inspiration, and even receive free images from my collection as screensavers and be eligible for free print giveaways, as a thank you for your support!


You can see my past environmental projects here on my website and you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Supporters and members here however will be the first to hear news and be eligible for group chats, giveaways etc. that are unavailable through my other social media platforms! ;)

Sean Gallagher

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