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Hey 👋 Thanks for visiting my "Buy Me A Coffee" page!

"What is Buy Me A Coffee" you ask? It's a little like Patreon, if you've heard of that. Essentially, it's a place for me to accept support from my audience, whether that's through joining my membership, or a one time donation (aka, "buying me a coffee"). 

But who am I? (You probably already know if you've made it to this page, because you're such a clever person! But just in case...) I'm Seb Woodland! I'm an artist, (my brother thinks I should call myself an "Imagineer") and I make all sorts of things, from music, to novels, to visual art, to video games. And I share some of it on here.

If you like my work, consider buying me a coffee! Or join my membership to get access to members only posts, etc...

Each coffee you buy or membership you purchase directly helps me to pay rent and pay the bills, which not only means better mental health for me, but I also get to keep working on the art you're enjoying.

So thanks for your support! And remember... there is always hope! ^-^