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Hello! I'm the editor of the weekly curated newsletter Briefing Notes and the host of the Second Breaks podcast.

Briefing Notes is researched, written, and edited by me alone. Each issue takes hours to produce and requires my paid subscription to numerous journals, books, and magazines to get the widest and best source of information. 

I love producing the newsletter (and the podcast) for you. I'm working very hard to make each issue something that you not only welcome in your inbox but look forward to reading every week for relevant and useful information to guide your career. Your support will mean the world to me.

Mary Beth SIMON
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Thank you so much for the shout-out, Lou! Have a wonderful week ahead!

You bet! I love supporting the work you do.  🥂

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Fuel up my friend!

Thank you so much, Alex! 

you know I love you, right? don't drink all of it too fast

Shannon Paris
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Thank you for putting your work and your cheerful attitude into the world!

Aww... thank you so much, Shannon. I try every day 😉 🧡💃

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Thank you for my ☕️ Yvonne! 😊