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As I lay on the hospital bed, whimpering and writhing in agony, tears of joy began to slip from my eyes.

‘It was all going to be over, finally,’ I thought to myself. After years of prayers, God had finally decided to give me the joy of motherhood and I was all prepared to taste it.

I had been eagerly waiting for the arrival of this day for months and today I was finally going to hold my little one.

At last, after a couple of hours, all of it was over. I heard the muffled sobs of my baby and immediately sat upright on the bed to get a glimpse of my little one.

“Congratulations, it's a boy!” The nurse said as she handed me my baby.

The moment I glanced over at my little one, I couldn't help but fawn over the sheer tinyness of his body laboured with puffed-up breaths.

Unfortunately, before I could fully embrace my child, the nurse took him away from me to perform some preliminary diagnostics.

The tests took hours to wrap up and my husband and I had begun to worry, wondering if something was wrong with our son.

After what felt like an eternity, the nurse, at last, ushered me and my husband to the doctor's cabin where we took our seats to hear what the doctor had to say.

“Mr and Mrs Das, I'm afraid to inform you that I have bad news. We performed a few tests on your son and found out that he's suffering from congenital heart disease, coarctation of the aorta with hypoplastic arch alongside severe Abernethy malformation.

Even though he is fine right now, it won't take too long for his condition to deteriorate. Soon, he'll face severe breathing issues along with other heart-related complications.

We will need to perform an open-heart surgery on him as soon as possible if you intend to save him. But it will cost USD 7,143.00.” The doctor informed us as he showed us the test results.

At that instance, my entire world came crashing down. None of it was making sense to me yet I grasped on to the fact that my son's life was now in danger.

I gripped my husband's hand and looked at him for consolation, only to find out that even he was crying.

I simply couldn't believe it. My baby, who was just born, is suffering from a life-threatening condition and the only way I can save him is to somehow come up with a whopping USD 7,143.00.

‘How could fate be so cruel to me?!’ I grieved for nights on end.


Today, my baby is more than a week old and is struggling to breathe. He has been admitted to the NICU for the past few days, but there's no sign of recovery yet.

The doctors are yet to perform a heart surgery on him, but due to the lack of funds, they haven't gone any further.

So far, my husband and I have spent Rs 50,000 on our son's treatment which we mustered by begging and borrowing money from people that we know.

However, it's still not enough. My husband who is a mere cobbler earns a measly amount of Rs 200 per day. His wages are nowhere near enough to save our baby's life.

Therefore, during these dark times, I urge you to help us. We are neck-deep in sorrow and misery and don't know what to do anymore.

Every single rupee you donate to save my son's life will make a difference. So kindly donate for him as much as possible and help us save him.

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