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Se.dao is a decentralised autonomous organisation governed by female investors, with an international reach our operating hub is in Australia. You can find me on Telegram @thestellarwoman

Hi, I'm Lee, founder, initiator and former Airline Project Manager. I'm also claircognizant, trained in energy & crystal healing. In 2020, I followed a divine calling to set up an education platform to inform intuitive, enterprising women about what's coming and how to make the necessary preparations to secure their wealth, health and lifestyle, whilst embracing the fast-paced industry of FinTech.

My teachings are tailored to entrepreneurial women, who love being autonomous and desire the knowledge and skill to be empowered to make great decisions.  

While the world is sleeping, the greatest and biggest project of all time is deploying and we are beta testers. The foundational infrastructure, network and technology servicing banking and settlement systems PLUS economic b2B trade worldwide, have changed. We all know the reasons why they needed to change and now, we get to be part of the movement. Finally, our voices are heard and we get rewarded financially for being 'active' and contributing.

With more advanced quantum practices, regulatory procedures and protocols, crypto and the stock market as we know it today will change. Companies and innovators leveraging innovative technology on-chain will provide greater efficiency and transparency for investors. By choosing investments solving real-world problems you are contributing to our worldwide economic re-rebuild of 2023 and beyond.

This blend of knowledge and skill-based training builds financial and technical competence, confidence and vitality.

My philosophy is to build authentic enterprise frameworks and income models that nourish and uplift your spirit by defining a new working and lifestyle 'modus operandi' for the modern woman.

At Se.Dao, We believe enterprise is a multi-sensory experience incorporating all aspects of you.

If you are ready to contribute to a better way by the decisions you make everyday, I look forward to connecting with you!

Lee xx