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I’m a Creative Designer, Web Developer, and part-time Digital Artist, practicing minimalist, designing and building beautiful digital products and experiences. I love to create things, whether by designing, coding, or even by drawing. When I’m not doing anything selfish, I work on building helpful web applications for the community.


All the illustrations are completely free. You can download these illustrations( including .svg, .eps and .png) files and use them in your work.


Built with Next.js, The React Framework, for the people, community, or anyone who wants to learn code by showing you the path (in a hierarchical structure) a roadmap, and a full free course along with some other learning resources of that specific language, framework, tool, technology that you're focused on, which you want to learn. Currently working on integrating with LearnCode Discord Server for a better Feedback system and real-time solutions, so the learning could never be stopped.

You can support me to build more such products. Thank you.

You can find me here Aman Seelay

Aman Seelay

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