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We have multiple podcasts that each serve their own purpose. Breakfast Talk is a weekly news podcast to share the latest in mainstream entertainment. The Brunch Bulletin exists so we can share our own news from our businesses. The Nova Files is another podcast, but it features multiple circulating guests with the main host (Peter from Medallion Comics) which are all part of our indie comic platform. SeerNova Podcast currently is about guests coming on and talking about their latest projects from crowdfunding and more, however that format will be changing in 2022! A new podcast or segment called Smo' Talk is starting soon and that features the breakfast talk crew and other creators from our platform to discuss topics individually about topics they are passionate about from indie-related topics to even pop culture geekfests. Finally, we created another new podcast called Enter Our Universe Podcast. This new podcast is a monthly podcast that is just Greg (Co-Founder) of SeerNova Comics LLC that talks about all the different comic series in-depth and more!