About Me - Selaphim @Selaphinx

About Me - Selaphim @Selaphinx

Nov 01, 2021

Hey There I’m Sel and my purpose is to live with purpose and help others find what their purpose is. I do this by offering shadow work healing modality that I’ve developed over the years that assists with facilitating alchemical transformation on a quantum level.

A former Meditation Centre and Event Manager, certified Japanese Usui Reiki Practitioner, Points of Light Therapist, Certificates in the field of Business Studies and Mental Health and Currently studying The Tarot plus Hypnotherapy and the first-hand assistant or right hand for a Shaman for two years.

My spiritual Awakening began in 20176 - I started with light work (Reiki, Channeling and Crystal Therapies) Then in 2018 I met my teacher Teal Swan and dove into Shadow Work - Then I worked with a shaman for 2 years and anchored everything I learnt into the ground with medicine work.

My Background

Coming from a lineage of Javanese Shamanism, Female Dream Interpreters and Buddhist Monks that own and govern religious temples, meant that as a child, there was an undeniable fiery connection to spirit that ran through my veins. 

However, having been born and raised in Australia, not having contact or awareness of this vastly spirit-filled part of me, created a disconnect as a child. 

As an adult, I became aware of my family's Buddhist temples in Indonesia, Vihara Duta Prabha place of meditation and worship which was built in a country where Buddhism is a minority. 

I didn’t know this about my lineage until after I co-founded my home and meditation/event centre in my beloved city of Sydney -The House of Magic - and took my vows and rites to be a bodhisattva. Looking back It feels almost karmic for me to be continuing my family's tradition with my own modern twist.

-Spiritual Entrepreneur and Light Leader 

-Founder of the Quantum Self Alchemy Shadow Work Healing Modality 

-Founder and Manager of The House of Magic Glebe Meditation and Community Centre

-Certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Practitioner 

-Certified Point of Light Crystal Therapist

-Certificate in Business and Mental Health

-Graphic Designer of Cosmic Art

-Currently Studying Certificate in Complete Hypnotherapy

-Power of The Dragon Javanese Energy Healer


Instagram: @Selaphinx 

Facebook Page: Selaphim Healing / Selaphim Saddharti


  • Leo sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra Rising

  • Master Numer 11

  • INTP

  • Manifesting Generator

  • Currently living in Sydney, Australia!

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