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Instrumental Case (examples of usage)

Apr 30, 2023

Dear friends 👋, this is a follow-up to the previous post on noun endings in the Instrumental case.The material is available in PDF:

Quick info on syntactic functions of nouns in the Instrumental case.

In a sentence, a noun in the Instrumental case can act as an object (за́нят де́лом, рабо́тают с отцо́м, вя́жет спи́цами), as a predicative in a compound predicate (был ребёнком) and as an adverbial (ме́жду облака́ми, под зонто́м, над кре́слом).

NOTE: Although most nouns preceded by a preposition (when used as adverbials), refer to

👉 place (за забо́ром, пе́ред до́мом, ря́дом с кре́слом), they can also refer to

👉 time (пе́ред кани́кулами – before their vacation(s); пе́ред сном – before you go to bed; за рабо́той – at the moment of working / when they’re working / when they work; за за́втраком – at the moment of having breakfast / when you’re having (you have) breakfast / at breakfast), or even

👉 purpose (идти́ в магази́н за хле́бом – go to a shop (in order) to get bread; обрати́ться за по́мощью – turn for help, to get help)

Thank you.

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