Word of the Day / СЛО́ВО ДНЯ

Word of the Day / СЛО́ВО ДНЯ

Aug 18, 2022

Dear friends 👋, from this video you will learn how to pronounce the weird neuter gender adjective «длинноше́ее» with the triple letter «е» (a compound word derived from the word combination «дли́нная ше́я» – a long neck), as well as

(1) its masculine / feminine forms

(2) its plural form.

The example of usage included.

👉 длинноше́ий, masc. – long-necked (adj.)

👉 чудно́й, masc. – weird / strange / curious (adj.)

👉 назва́ние, neut. – a name / title (noun)


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