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Plural noun endings in the Nominative case

Nov 20, 2022

Dear friends 👋, I wanted to make this post interesting for both less and more experienced learners.

If you feel you know well enough what inflexions plural nouns take in the Nominative case (Table No.1), please, go to Table No.2, where you can find some examples that may appear new to you.

Available in PDF:

Thank you. 


(1) ten neuter nouns in -мя: 

(2) -е/-ё interchange in fem. nouns:  

(3) masc. nouns taking -а/-я in their plural form:  

(4) shifting stress in 2-syllable fem. nouns:  

(5) shifting stress in neuter nouns:  

(6) plural nouns for infants (-ёнок/-онок ➡️ -ята/-ата):  

(7) read the note on the plural of хозяин/хозяйка in the comments to this post:  

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