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You have seen my work on YouTube or one of the many other places it has appeared. My name is Randy Dreammaker, and since 2013 I have made almost 800 videos about how to sell online and make videos.

As the videos become out-dated they eventually get archived or removed.

My projects include:

SellerThink on YouTube (Now available on Rumble)

RGAP Creative Minecraft Projects (Now available on Rumble)

RGAP Creative Foley and Sound Effects including our hospital live recordings received thousands of views a month. (Currently still on YouTube)

The rare John Wimber teaching series from my personal collection, that I purchased while at the "Original" AVC and while studying at VBI.

Mercari Shopping Directory (A free Mercari Store listing directory that helps shoppers and search engines locate your Mercari store and products)

The Mercari Shopping Directory, potentially helps drive more sales to your Mercari Store, by establishing a permanent link between your Store Name and your Mercari Store Number.

This makes it easier for a customer to locate your store by the name you have given it.

Your store also benefits from having its own Mercari Shopping Directory page address that you can give to your customers, use on social media, etc. (If you desire), which points to your Mercari Store, provides some general information about your Mercari Store, and keywords associated with your store.

Other videos and articles like on the Randy Dreammaker website have helped thousands of friends like yourself with informative research on the best marketplaces to sell on, tax and license changes, and other reviews.

Thank you for your support