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3Commas ASAP DCA Bots - Sellium New configs - day 25

Jan 01, 2022

Welcome back and Happy New Year!!! 🥳🎉🥂

The start of 2022 was not a great one for Crypto, at the time of writing BTC is currently trading around $47.034, ETH at $3.713, and overall we've had a rough December. On a more positive note, we still have 364 days to go, a lot of new opportunities and crypto technologies will arise this year, and the best thing is that we all have front row seats for them, so I'm feeling bullish for 2022 as it could start slow and end big, who knows? Let's wait and see.

On the other hand Ómicron cases keep rising, and with a lot of people getting together for the festivities means that the rate of infections will most probably rise in the next coming weeks, and how much markets will get affected depends I believe on what restrictive measures will most countries adopt in the coming weeks, nevertheless we have a lot of people vaccinated so hopefully we won't have as much severe cases as we did in the past and life will soon carry on as usual...

But enough speculation and let's talk about the current new configs results. I have been out of the country for the last couple of weeks, and haven't been looking at them neither had I the chance of sending an update, so sorry for the delay, but at least now we'll be looking at more concrete information of how the bots performed during the rough December.

This time I'll let you all make your own conclusions, and when we get to 1 month or more of data I'll make my final revision and share it with you. And we still have one more week to go until we have 1 month of data, but I think some changes are already in order:

  • The Outrider bot has been moved into the Mid-Supervision section, as I think it is more appropriate for it due to the bot lower max price deviation to open safety orders, making Mars a better suited for a comparison.

  • The Outrider v2 has been renamed Ghost and moved into the low budget config group, but the bot was only started 5 days later than the rest, so the results shown should not be considered into any head to head comparison yet.

Bots Performance Summary as of 01-01-2022:

The Scalpers Performance
The 69er is not intended to run unsupervised or for long periods of time, specially in December market conditions, but nevertheless I'm letting them run loosely so that we can all see how bad they perform and how expensive they can get in a bearish market.

The new Ghost bot:
This new low budget bot was created in the hopes of getting a better overall performance than the Urma v6, or the TA safe, and it might have a 10% less maximum price deviation capabilities than it's rivals but my rezoning for it is that the total crypto Market Capital has increased considerably last year, and with higher market cap comes less volatility, so I believe 50% will be enough to absorve most if not all of the down turns of the top 200 coins by market cap, and it cost the same as Urma v6, so if in the future it proves to have a better ROI this 10% compromise makes sense to me.

Direct Links to the bots on this test
If you want to access the configuration of any of these bots and see it's current performance feel free to use the links below.

Ribsy Mercury:

Sellium HammerHead:

Ribsy Mars:

Sellium Scimitar:

Sellium Outrider:

TA Standard:

Sellium Neimoidian:

Sellium Profundity:

TA Safer:

Urma v6:

Sellium Ghost:

Sellium The 69er:

Sellium The 69er Super Scalper:

Hope you have this post insightful and that these configuration and test results might help you in the future. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them below, and thanks for your time and support!

See you all soon, until then, trade safe! 🤖

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