Lessons from the book, Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation of Current Approaches

You need both management and leadership in your business, in your marriage, and in your personal life. 

Management is about coping with complexity - it is responsive. How do you manage the complexities of your life? How do you respond to the daily challenges of being an employee or business owner? How do you respond to a busy day of school, soccer practice, and dinner? This is why you need to have strong managerial skills. In general, the purpose of management is to provide order and consistency to your life (Banks, R., Ledbetter, B., 2004). 

Leadership is about coping with change - it too is responsive, but mostly it is proactive. What changes are happening in your life that demand leadership? Are you getting older? Are you expanding your family? Are you planning to buy a house? Are you starting a business? These situations demand leadership. The primary function of leadership is to produce change and movement (Banks, R., Ledbetter, B., 2004). 


  • Management will help you with a financial plan when you are broke. 

  • Leadership will move you from being broke to having more than enough. 

  • Management will help you maintain your relationships.

  • Leadership will expand your relationship and move it to a better place. 

  • Good management will sustain a company.

  • Leadership will expand a company to greater influence. 

  • Management will maintain your schedule. 

  • Leadership will give your schedule purpose.

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