Buy SemlerPDX a coffee


Your support is greatly appreciated!  I spend my days turning coffee into code, and loving every minute of it!

I've been enjoying making profiles using VoiceAttack for over five years, and creating advanced voice control systems for PC games.  I use many methods for consistent recognition by conceptual context where appropriate, rather than forcing users into memorizing strict and rigid phrases.  For many actions, it can be 'any way you say it'.

My "AVCS CORE" profile is the hub of any larger game profile I create, and brings common functions to each game profile as well as live support, configuration, and update options to a system that normally would require a new profile download/import for changes.

With CORE at the center, unless I change a command system, I can update or add new recognition options for all users with a simple patch option presented to users during loading.

I plan to release profiles for a number of games with a focus on immersive control over elements which would be better suited for vocal interaction, such as the in-game radio commands in my AVCS4 Falcon BMS Radios profile.

Thanks for the visit and for the coffee!

Find more info at my website by clicking the link below