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Hey guys, I love streaming, studying and talking with you guys everyday but as you know it sometimes gets a little tiring studying for 10 hours and a coffee would go a long way :) You could also help feed Mr. Chonks instead because honestly this fat cat is going to bankrupt me! 

If you donate 3 coffees you get special discord access to hidden rooms where I hang out on VC all the time with others, and with 5 coffees I send you a handwritten postcard with a personal thank you :)

Regardless thank you for checking out the page and keeping me company on stream everyday, you're the best!

- Serra

Appelsina bought 3 coffees.

To Serra, may this coffee keep you positive, productive and happy! Thank you for studying with your Stream Team! CoffeeDab for success! -Appelsina

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SenSen bought 3 coffees.

To Serra who keeps us motivated through the day. I know are not meant to thank you so - THANK YOU YOUTUBE for showing me this stream <3

Yay Cray
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Serra, I would like to give you some coffee. Because you are so great and you turned studying into something that is so much fun!!:D also, by giving you coffee instead of a superchat you can't scream at me during stream. HA

Alessia Di Rella
Alessia Di Rella bought a coffee.

just to wish you a happy new year <3