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A Guide to Viking Wedding Rings and Their Meaning

Aug 03, 2022

6% of the world's population claims Viking ancestry, and that number rises in Scandinavia. Are you or a loved one descended from this group?

You should have no trouble choosing a Viking present for a friend or family member who is just learning their history. Those with Viking blood can get Viking wedding bands.

Here are some great Viking presents

viking arm ring

Viking arm rings are more than bracelets. They're also historic.

Arm rings were given after swearing, to indicate class, and as emergency cash. Every Viking armband has meaning.

As a token of fidelity and love, lovers wore their warrior's Viking arm ring. Armbands are a thoughtful gift today. Commemorate your favorite Viking's achievements with this gift.

The Viking Compass - A North Star to Guide Your Way

The Vegvisir consists of eight points, each representing a cardinal direction. The two points that represent north and south are marked with red dots or lines. The four points that represent east and west are marked with blue dots or lines. If you are looking to purchase viking compass then you can visit here.


Ale horns are Viking relics. These were Viking beer mugs. They were handy for transporting refreshments on ships.

A drinking horn can be used to drink or decorate at a party. Polished bone exposes its wonderful pattern. It's a terrific talking point.


What's cooler than a Thor's Hammer necklace? Thor, Odin's son, protects this necklace. He's the God of war and fertility, therefore he'll assist you to achieve your goals.

Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, let him soar and produce lightning. It won't do all that, but it will protect you.

This powerful and gorgeous Viking necklace can protect a wedding, birth, or bereaved individual.


Unbearded Viking? Viking males bathed regularly and adorned their beards with braids and metal ornaments.

Give your Viking the ultimate beard care set so he can look manly. With a boar's hair brush, wooden beard comb, beard oil, styling balm, and beard scissors, it's easy. He'll grow an ancestor-worthy beard.


What should a Viking woman receive? Viking women were strong and revered. Viking women handled finances. Tools and protection were also needed.

Viking women wore pocket knives for pleasure, hunting, fishing, and personal safety. Amazon sells the gift and leather pouch.

Viking Wedding Rings

Beautiful, non-gendered Viking rings frequently have a secret message. These Viking rings make beautiful wedding bands. If you adore your Viking history, consider one of these rings.

Red Stone Viking rings include protection runes to seal your love. Inside is revisited. Vegvisir aids you through difficult weather. You and your spouse will endure many storms together in life.

The Viking wedding bands' craftsmanship and an ancient message about braving storms with your spouse are magnificent.


Do you know about Viking Rune stones? Ancient blocks were used for divination. You shake and pull them to get advice and the future, like tarot cards.

The Vikings employed the practice, and many pagan followers still do. Runes have meanings and powers. They're carved from stone or wood and available in different styles.

Even if you don't practice divination, these are beautiful Viking house décor.


Doesn't every Viking want their own sword? Doubtful.

You can get mass-produced Viking swords that seem real for your wall or mini-armory. It's great for photoshoots.

Consider a handcrafted Viking sword if you have more money. Blacksmiths use ancient techniques. That's a true Viking sword.


Viking ship technology was incredible. They used ships to conquer distant regions. That's why so many individuals have Viking ancestry.

Replica Viking longships reflect their creativity, craftsmanship, and seamanship. Many exquisite copies have distinctive Viking ship carvings.

Viking ships have survived until today. They're in Roskilde, Denmark's Viking Ship Museum.

Odin statue

We've mentioned Odin's protection. You can decorate with Odin.

Realistic Odin figurines or carved wood talismans are options. Norse carvers were amazing. One of their best arts and crafts.

Odin is a terrific addition to any rustic or hygge environment and will spark conversations about Viking ancestry.


Is your loved one interested in Norse heritage? Norse Mythology can help them understand their heritage.

Norse god stories reveal Viking life and culture, and some people still believe in them now.

D'Aulaires Book of Norse Mythology has all the tales. The pictures will keep a child's attention.

Lars Brownworth's The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings discusses Viking culture and history.


Do you and your pals believe you'd be good Vikings? The Viking Adventure tests knowledge, abilities, and ingenuity.

This instructional game is enjoyable. While sailing, conquering countries, and winning treasures, you'll learn Viking facts. It has miniature Viking ships.

The game's goal is to reach Asgärd, where the Norse gods' favor will fall.


In battle, Vikings used forged steel helmets to protect their heads from blows.

There are many of Viking helmet gift alternatives, from novelty to authentic. The horned helmet isn't completely unjustified. Norse gods are typically depicted with horns or wings on their helmets, indicating a special distinction.

Viking helmet, beard hat, face warmer

Knit helmets with beards are another quirky option. If your friend can't grow a beard, try this. It will warm their face and head this winter.


Viking music was. We can't be sure because so many instruments, notated music, and oral traditions have been lost, but surviving instruments provide us with some suggestions.

Vikings played wooden panpipes. You may buy handcrafted Viking pipes today.

All-Viking Gift Ideas

A Viking present might help a friend or family member uncover their history. Vikings unite individuals with diverse interests.

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