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Set Kyar Wa Lar

Set Kyar Wa Lar

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Hi, Nice to meet you! I am Set Kyar Wa Lar. Some people call me Universe which is my Burmese name mean. I create websites and try to be an indie hacker.

Welcome to my BMC page. 

I wrote the articles on medium.com/@setkyarwalar

I created, the following apps.

  • myanmardevjobs.com
  • myanpx.com
  • websitestoapp.com

If you like my content, websites, and apps, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support!

Recent Posts

Laravel Myanmar is back. In the past, we translated Laravel Myanmar Documentations into Burmese. And made a website call LaravelMyanmar.com but the website goes down for some reason. And now, Laravel Myanmar is back. You can help translate too. Be part of it.  www.laravelmyanmar.com

Now, everybody can share tutorials, articles which they created or they read and think which is valuable for developers and designers. www.myanmardevjobs.com/links