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SEYN is a non-profit association based in Europe, Portugal working in Asia and Europe.

Through training, mentoring and knowledge sharing, SEYN aims to inspire, provide skills and tools for young people to actively participate in solving the world’s energy challenges and start their own renewable energy projects.

SEYN’s Academies and workshops provide a unique setting to learn about setting up community renewable energy projects, social business models, innovative financing, as well as, installing a solar PV system, Do-it-Yourself solar systems. By teaching soft and hard skills, SEYN does more than raising awareness about climate change and energy, it actually gives people the control and the confidence to take action, to start a project and to involve their communities.

The positive environment created in the training events and the sense of achievement of actually building simple energy systems is a unique feature of SEYN’s work, with benefits that extend beyond energy and climate action. By empowering and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, we are also building skills for young people to take an active role in society.

With your contribution we can continue to support young people taking an active role in the energy transition and continue to produce useful educational resources for the wider community.

Check out our resources page for some fun DiY solar systems.

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