Maggie had a date, her first in two years.

'Oh you'll love him,' said Alexa, admiring herself in the mirror, 'He's a little...unusual for sure. But trust me, Maggie. He's too perfect for you.'

Maggie nodded up at Alexa from the bathroom floor as she massaged coconut oil into Alexa's glowing skin.

Alexa pushed her bare ass toward Maggie's face. 'He kind of has this retro thing going on? You know, like a 70s pornstar? He's quite the character.'

Maggie inhaled deeply. She longed to be allowed to rest her nose inside Alexa's asshole.

'Just don't expect much in the way of conversation.' She snapped her fingers and Maggie leapt to her feet. 'Now do my front.'

Maggie was shorter than Alexa by half a foot but felt even smaller. Alexa followed a strict workout and diet regimen designed to elevate her natural curves while maintaining her slim waistline. Maggie had been a fool to believe that beauty was down to genetics. Alexa was proof it required willpower and dedication to fully optimize your physical assets.

Alexa did not allow Maggie to weigh more than 95 pounds. Maggie checked herself every morning and reported for punishment if she was even one pound over. It was a struggle but it helped that she was naturally scrawny, although her metabolism was not that of a teenager anymore. She often went whole days only drinking water. Alexa made it clear it was the most important part of Maggie's submission. It not only enhanced Alexa's physique by comparison, but it also made it easier for Alexa to punish her. Maggie lived in a semi-permanent state of intimidation and her pussy thanked her stomach for its sacrifice.

Maggie rubbed more coconut oil into her hands and gently caressed Alexa's expensive breasts and nipples. Alexa's lavish lips pouted into a smirk. Maggie teetered, squeezing her thighs together to halt her growing arousal.

Alexa seized Maggie by her wrists and locked her within a firm grip. 'Watch yourself, you little slut. This is going to be a long night for you. Don't you dare start leaking yet.'


Maggie was an expert on all things Alexa. She imagined herself an artist with Alexa as both her canvas and muse.

Alexa sat on her cushioned stool, staring into her vanity mirror while Maggie dabbed her face with cleanser and toner. She talked excitedly about her own Valentine's date with Mark. She had to look especially beautiful. It was their two year anniversary. The perfect time for him to propose. Maggie felt no bitterness. She had learned to accept that she had lost Mark to the better woman.

Maggie applied moisturizer, primer, and a matte foundation to Alexa's face and chiseled her classic cheekbones with contour cream. She then dusted her eyelids in color, applied eyeliner, and emboldened her long lashes with mascara.

She took her greatest care when treating Alexa's lips. Those lips kissed Mark and wrapped around the head of his cock. She exfoliated them with a scrub and used a primer to prevent feathering. Alexa's hand rested on her hairbrush. It was all the warning Maggie required. She was extra careful as she drew liner around the shape of her lips before smoothing over them in a bold red.

Alexa kissed down on a tissue and then inserted it inside Maggie's mouth. Maggie was grateful for the snack. It would stave off her hunger for a little while longer.

'Now do my hair.'

Maggie used a wand to wave it into loose strands. She made two small ponytails and wrapped them into the shape of a heart, securing it with bobby pins. Alexa had seen the idea on Instagram. It was too adorable and perfect for Valentine's Day. Maggie held up a hand mirror to show her the back.

'Oh my god,' she said, 'too cute. Now finish my nails.'

Maggie knelt and filed the tips into rounded points. She carefully went over them in base and blew until they were dry. She then painted two overlapping half circles on each fingernail to create Valentine's hearts.

She rose and positioned herself over the vanity table with her ass pushed as far out as she could. Alexa slapped her hand firmly against Maggie's cheeks. Maggie squeaked. The light sting was evidence that Alexa was not displeased. It felt good.

'OK, little Maggie,' she said, smirking. 'Now it's your turn.'


Alexa giggled into Maggie's face as she dragged an old lipstick across Maggie's chapped lips.

'Oh my god,' she said, 'you're going to look so fucking hot. Close your eyes.'

Maggie obeyed. She winced as she felt a rough brush jabbing her eyelids.

'OK, slut. You can look now.'

Maggie slowly opened her eyes to look at herself in the mirror. Thick lipstick was smeared down the sides of her chin. Dense eye shadow made her look like a panda. Her hair was tied into two bushy pigtails that even an elementary school student would have been embarrassed to fashion.

'What do you think?'

Maggie blinked.

'Just one more thing,' said Alexa, grabbing Maggie by her cheeks. 'You need a little more color.' She grinned and twisted her skin. Maggie whimpered. 'Perfect,' she said, 'now come help me dress.'


Alexa wore a red, sleeveless, mermaid style dress with a low V-neck sweep that offered a tantalizing view of her cleavage. A vintage necklace and earrings added elegance to her sensual look. Her shoes were in classic black leather with a slim heel and pronounced arch. Maggie loved it when Alexa wore red. It was the perfect complement for her skin tone. She knew Mark was going to go crazy for her.

Alexa had bought a special dress for Maggie too. It was strapless, sleeveless, and covered in love hearts. The skirt was tiny and barely covered her hips. Maggie hitched it down to try and hide the frills on her panties but it was impossible as the material kept springing back.

She followed Alexa into the living room on six-inch platform heels. She saw Mark and blushed. His tight-fitting shirt showcased the contours of his muscles. Maggie had spent the morning dry cleaning his clothes as well as buffing, shining, and polishing his belt and shoes. She wanted the occasion to be perfect for him too. He deserved it.

Mark smiled as Alexa sauntered towards him. 'God,' he said, 'you're perfect.'

Maggie watched as they slowly kissed. They ran their hands over each other's bodies and circled the tips of their tongues together. Maggie clasped her hands over her crotch and tried not to prod the sensation tingling beneath her panties.

Maggie had never once elicited a kiss like that. She knew she had never been good enough for him. She had thought that she could compensate for her obvious plainness by cooking his meals, ironing his clothes, shopping for his groceries, and patiently listening to him rant about his cheating ex-girlfriend. She had wanted him to know that nobody, despite their cup size, could ever care for him the way she did. But that was before Alexa entered their lives.

Mark nodded at Maggie and grinned. 'What the fuck have you done to her, Lexi?'

'She looks hot, right?'

He scoffed and shook his head in disbelief.

'Oh whatever,' she said, swatting his chest playfully, 'John is going to love this.'

'Right, right. Speaking of-'

Maggie gulped and followed their eyesight. A blowup doll slouched diagonally over the sofa. His pasty chest was blotted in fake black chest hair. A 1970s pencil mustache was drawn over his upper lip. He stared vacantly at the ceiling. His hands and feet were like spatulas. His valve was positioned on his smooth crotch as if it were a tiny penis. Maggie felt prickles of dread cover her skin.

'Maggie,' said Alexa, 'this is John. Your date. Isn't he handsome? Go give him a kiss..'

Maggie flushed and shuffled toward him. She knew her date was only a ruse to humiliate her. She had suspected they would take her to a restaurant and leave her there waiting for a date that would never arrive. This was much worse. She felt the grins of Alexa and Mark piercing into the back of her head. She lifted him into her arms and pressed her closed lips against his.

'Urf, not like that, slut,' said Alexa. 'It's Valentine's Day. Give him a real kiss.'

Maggie's stomach knotted. She grabbed the back of his head, pushed his face into hers and began lapping at his silicone lips with her tongue. She ran her fingers through his painted hair and slowly humped against his groin. She knew what Alexa wanted.

'Oh my god, yes. Just like that. Wow. This is great. You're such a fucking slut. I love it. Keep going. I want the girls to see this.'

They called themselves "the Goddess club." They organized all kinds of BDSM events and shared pictures and videos of their submissives in all kinds of humiliating and degrading acts and positions. Maggie had learned to fear them despite the adoration her pussy felt. The thought of them watching her depravity made her rub harder against John's unsatisfying crotch.

'OK, slut,' said Alexa, still laughing, 'you can stop now.'

Maggie began to gasp. She couldn't stop. She was desperate. Alexa had banned her from cumming for a week. Not that Alexa had stopped teasing her. If anything, knowing that Maggie could only edge had made Alexa enjoy it more. The humiliation was too much. Maggie was a whore, a dirty whore who had to cum.

'You fucking bitch,' said Alexa, yanking Maggie away by her pigtail.

John fell to the floor and Maggie continued thrusting at the air.

Alexa slapped her hard across her cheek. 'I told you,' she slapped her again, 'to fucking stop.'

Maggie squeaked and nodded. The pain was fuzzy over her face.

'The cane. Now!'

Maggie whimpered. Her ass clenched as if to question her pussy as to why it was such a slut. She shuffled to the punishment chest and rummaged through various harnesses, paddles, gags, duct tape, and rope, to find Alexa's favorite metal cane. She rushed back with it and offered it to her with a bowed head in tribute.


Maggie quivered as she turned around and lifted the hem of her dress, bending forward to give Alexa a clear shot. She knew to try and remain still. She would be the one to suffer the consequences if Alexa missed her aim. A strike to the kidneys was not something she wished to experience. She had full faith in Alexa's skill, so long as Maggie did her duty. She gasped as Alexa pulled down her panties and circled the tip of her cane around Maggie's ass cheeks. She whimpered at the touch of cold metal.

'You're recording this, right hun?' said Alexa to Mark.

Mark laughed. 'Got it.'

'Good,' said Alexa, lifting the cane and swooshing it down through the air to strike the crest between Maggie's buttocks and thighs.

The impact echoed through the walls of the apartment. The sting was sharp and severe. Maggie cried out and swirled her buttocks in a circle. Alexa waited until she had composed herself before striking a second time in the same place. Maggie screamed and hopped forward.

Alexa pointed. 'Get back here, slut.'

Maggie began to sob and shuffled back into position. She closed her eyes and shivered. Another blow struck her across her upper thighs and she squealed. Tears streamed down her face. She couldn't take it. It was too much. The cane was the worst. She would have rather taken five times as many paddles.

'One more.'

Maggie braced herself as the cane slashed through the air. The pain of impact sent her to her knees. She finally dropped her skirt and collapsed her face into her arm. She wept hysterically from the pain and the relief, knowing it was over.

'Aw,' said Alexa, chuckling as she stroked the tip of her cane along Maggie's wet and frustrated pussy lips. 'Poor Maggie. Are you sorry?'

Maggie sniffed and nodded against her arm, twitching her pussy against the cane.


Maggie rode on the backseat of Mark's Porsche. Her ass was raw and jolted each time they went over an uneven section of road. Her panties were still around her ankles. She wished there was something to block her bruises against the heated leather seat. She tried to keep her legs closed, self-conscious of Mark looking back through the rearview mirror and catching a glimpse of her glistening pussy. John was next to her with his elbow resting possessively over her shoulder.

She had no idea where they were taking her. Her anticipation, fear, and the unrelenting burn across her ass cheeks kept her pussy teased and moist. She knew her juice had smeared the leather. Mark would make her wipe it down later.

Mark slowed the car and indicated into the parking lot of a Taco Bell. Maggie felt a shiver of anxiety. She looked at Alexa, sat on the front passenger seat, and pleaded with her eyes "no." There would be people inside. Not people like in the Goddess club, or the BDSM parties. Real people. Vanilla people.

'Hn,' said Alexa, 'it's busier than I thought. Seriously, who goes to a Taco Bell on Valentine's Day? Oh right,' she turned to Maggie and grinned, 'you do.'

Maggie gulped.

Mark parked the car and opened his wallet. He flicked through his larger notes until he found a ten. He passed it behind his seat without looking. Maggie's arm trembled as she took it from him.

Alexa continued: 'John wants the chicken quesadilla. You're allowed to get the-' she thought for a moment, 'I don't know. Whatever you can get with the change I suppose. Like...a cheese roll?'

Maggie glanced outside the window. There was a nasty chill in the wind. She didn't want to leave. She didn't want people to see her. Last Valentine's Day, she had been left bundled in her dog cage, blindfolded, with her arms bound behind her back and a ball gag stuffed inside her mouth. Headphones had been left over her ears blaring the sounds of Alexa's orgasms on repeat. She had cried, moaned, and humped the hardwood, desperate for relief. It had been torture, but at least she was in the privacy of Mark's apartment, away from judging vanilla eyes. There would be nowhere to hide inside a Taco Bell.

She had become the property of Alexa and Mark because it allowed her to remain a part of their lives. Her pussy would never have forgiven her if she left them. She lived every day humiliated or anticipating her next humiliation. She had quit her job to become their full-time slave. There was no reason for her to work like a normal person. Mark and Alexa both earned more money than Maggie. They took care of her basic needs. She had sold all of her possessions and handed all her personal information to Alexa for safekeeping. It was the freest she had ever been. No rent, no bills, no work, no friends, no family. All that mattered was Alexa and Mark. It was heaven.

She usually wore baggy clothing when in public and was banned from makeup or anything else that might draw the male gaze. All they expected was that she maintained good hygiene (especially dental.) She was comfortable being invisible. She preferred it. It was a relief to have the burden of trying to look attractive taken from her. She had forgotten what it was like to be viewed.

'Alright then,' said Alexa, 'you two love birds have fun. We'll be back to pick you up after our dinner.'

Maggie's watering eyes begged.

'Maggie, don't make this difficult. Get out. Now.'

Maggie whimpered, shriveling into herself. Alexa sighed, opened her door, and stepped out into the parking lot. Maggie knew she was in trouble. Alexa forced the back door open. reached inside, and dragged Maggie outside by her ear. Her elbows and knees slammed hard onto the ground. She immediately felt the winter chill over her exposed flesh. The tiny hem of her dress had hitched even higher to reveal her purple asscheeks.

Alexa loomed over her. She yanked Maggie's pigtail, forcing her neck back to her shoulders. 'And don't even think about weaseling out of this, slut. You're taking my phone so I can watch your romantic little Valentine's date. Got it?'

Maggie sniffled and nodded.

Alexa forced mucus up her throat, swished it around her mouth, and spat directly into Maggie's eyeball. It oozed down her cheek, onto her lips, and dripped from her chin to the floor. Alexa retrieved her phone from her Saint Laurent and took some pictures before passing it to Maggie.

'Be careful with that, slut.'

Maggie nodded, sobbing. She would guard it like the holiest of relics.

Alexa smirked and pulled John from the car to join his Valentine's on the asphalt. She got back inside the car and Mark drove away, leaving Maggie on all fours with her panties around her ankles and her ass and pussy exposed, alone but for the company of a blowup doll. The humiliation made her hump the air. She reached a shivering hand down and lightly drummed her fingers over her moist pussy lips.

She squeaked and stopped, remembering Alexa's ban and that she was now in public. She looked up and saw the bewilderment and horror on the faces around her. She knew she deserved their disgust. She pulled up her panties and winced as the material scraped her sore asscheeks. She clambered to her feet and stumbled unsteadily on her platform heels. She wiped the spit from her face with the back of her hand, smudging it into her clownish makeup. The looks she was getting suggested it was better to wait ten minutes in the cold before trying to enter.


Maggie trotted over the sticky tiles of the Taco Bell towards the counter. She was grateful it was mostly empty. The teen boy at the checkout stared as she approached. She flushed as she typed her order on Alexa's phone and showed him the screen. He looked around as if searching for his supervisor. She mouthed a silent 'please.'

He scratched at his neck, the hesitation clear on his face. 'You taking it out?'

She slowly shook her head.

'Just..go sit over there.' He pointed at the back of the restaurant, away from the other customers who were staring as if she was deranged.

She smiled at him and slid Mark's ten over the counter. She took her change and hurried to her table. She placed John down and scooted next to him, grimacing from the pain on her ass. She tried to hide the blowup doll with her body.

She held Alexa's phone on the table and waited. She eyed the toilet and considered making a break for it. She needed to clean the grazes from her knees and elbows and wash the spit from her face. She looked back at the phone and thought better of it. Alexa could call at any moment.

The teen brought John's quesadilla and Maggie's cheese roll on a tray. Maggie smiled with gratitude. He grunted and backed away from her as if she were contagious. She glanced at John. His vacant stare into nothing unsettled her. She saw the teen in conversation with an older gentleman she assumed to be the manager. She took a napkin and began to pick it apart in an attempt to control her panic.

The happy Whatsapp jingle startled her. Her hand trembled as she swiped to answer with video. She saw Alexa grinning down over her intimidating cleavage.

'Hiiii,' she said, 'looks like you two are really hitting it off.'

Maggie gulped as she fumbled for the volume. The attention of the restaurant had turned to the call.

'Isn't he a romantic?'

Maggie nodded and smiled nervously.

'Look, let me show you where we're eating.'

Alexa flipped the camera and Maggie caught a glimpse of Mark sipping on red wine. The walls of the restaurant were covered in dark wood paneling. The tables had glass surfaces and the chairs were plush red leather. Single roses stood in vases to give a subtle acknowledgement of St.Valentine's. A piano played faintly.

Alexa pointed the camera down at her appetizer. 'I have the lobster salad and Mark has the langoustine. For our entrées I've ordered the caramalized kampachi and Mark's got the filet with roasted shallots. Then for dessert, I think we'll share a green chartreuse soufflé with pistachio ice cream. Doesn't that sound amazing, Maggie?'

Maggie was used to Mark treating Alexa to the finest restaurants in the city. Back when she dated him, she had been happy just to be invited to Olive Garden. She had always stuck to salad and tap water while Mark ate three courses, drank an entire bottle of red, and multiple beers. Maggie would patiently listen as he ranted about his ex and at the end of the night, Maggie insisted they split the bill. She had worried he would stop inviting her if she were to ever not.

She drove him home, undressed him and poured his whiskey. He was mostly too drunk after dinner for any kind of sexual activity and so on those nights, Maggie would just lay with him and stimulate his large cock with her hands before wrapping her lips around the head and sucking until he came in her mouth. She always swallowed. His cum felt powerful in her stomach. He would pass out and she would snuggle next to him, happy to have pleased him.

Sometimes, when Mark was in need of stress relief, he would have Maggie wear a printout of his ex's face. He would then insult her, smack her pussy and tits, and slap her ass. Maggie would cry, apologize, and finger herself.

Mark had never once put his cock in her pussy but he did take her from behind. He would grab both her skinny wrists with just one of his large hands and lock her in place. He would push her face onto his Calvin Klein's and make her inhale the scent of his cock as he rage fucked her asshole. It was always painful. She always cried. She always loved it.

She had dreamed that on Valentine's Day two years ago, Mark would ask her to become his girlfriend. He had hinted that he had something special planned. She had treated herself to a haircut and manicure. She wanted to look as good as she could. While Mark was at work, she scattered rose petals over the floor, lit scented candles, and bought a box of his favorite chocolates.

He arrived later than she expected. Her happiness immediately dropped when another woman entered behind him. A beautiful woman with lustrous hair, designer curves, and smirking full lips. The kind of woman that Maggie had always felt inferior to. Mark stared at this woman with lust and adoration he had never once shown to Maggie. It wrenched at her stomach. That look told her everything she needed to know. There would be no battle. She had already lost.

He introduced her as Alexa. She had been placed in charge of her companies' business portfolio and Mark had been hired as a financial advisor. Maggie listened with tears in her eyes as Mark gushed about her. She had never seen him so enthusiastic. The whole while Alexa stared into Maggie as if piercing her soul. Maggie could not stand it. She had blushed and averted her eyes.

Mark nonchalantly canceled his plans with Maggie as if they were nothing and declared he was instead taking Alexa out. Maggie knew she should have been mad. She knew she should have said something, especially when they started to make out in front of her. But she didn't. She was quiet. She had never been one for confrontation. If this was what Mark wanted, then so be it. She would not embarrass herself further by making a scene.

'Hey, you,' said Alexa, before she could leave, 'this looks great,' she said, indicating the rose petals and candles, 'but we need some champagne. You don't mind bringing us some, do you?' She batted her long lashes and pouted.

Maggie often thought back to that moment. It was the most important decision in her life. She could have told Alexa and Mark to go fuck themselves and stormed out, but she didn't. Her pussy had awakened at the arrogance of this woman.

It was insane to think how much Maggie's life had changed since then. Alexa had seen something in Maggie that Maggie had never realized existed. She knew she was pan. She knew she got off to humiliation. But Alexa showed Maggie her true self. The more Alexa pushed and tested her boundaries, the more of a submissive slut she became. She could never return to her old life now. Her pussy would never have forgiven her. Alexa's abuse gave her clit a reason to exist.

'And how's your dinner, Maggie?' said Alexa, pointing her camera back to her grinning face.

Maggie glanced down at her damp, dollar cheese roll-up. Her stomach rumbled.

'You haven't even taken a bite. Are you worried John will think you're a pig if you eat on a date?'

Maggie blushed. Even on a lower volume, Alexa's mockery seemed to echo through the Taco Bell.

Alexa chuckled and ate a mouthful of her lobster salad, humming her pleasure. 'Oh god, Maggie. This is so good, you have no idea. Anyway,' she sipped her wine, 'you need your energy. You can always diet tomorrow. I promised John the best Valentine's Day of his life, and you're going to give it to him. He was telling me earlier how fucking hot he finds you. Seriously, he has a thing for grown-ass women with bodies like teenage boys.'

Maggie chilled from the mischievous glint in her Alexa's eyes. Mark laughed off camera.

'Does John make you wet, Maggie?'

Maggie shrank within herself.

'Answer me, slut.'

Maggie looked up to see the Manager staring darkly back at her. She tried to smile it off as a joke but could not hide her embarrassment.

'Stop being a dirty little tease and give him something. He's been patient long enough. Let him taste how wet you are.'

Maggie gulped. She trembled as she pushed John's head below the table. She opened her legs and pressed his nose and lips against her panties. She pushed two fingers against her labia and squeezed herself against John's lips. She felt her moistness through her panties. She rotated her hips and jerked his head against herself. She saw the manager marching towards her. Alexa laughed. Maggie was a slut. A dirty Valentine's slut.

'What the hell are you doing?' said the manager, looking down at her in disgust. She could not stop. She needed to cum. She squeaked. 'Get the hell out of my restaurant, this instant.'

Maggie looked down at her phone for Alexa's direction but chilled when she saw a blank screen.

'That's it. You're leaving.'

He grabbed her arm and pulled her off her seat. She lost contact with her labia and whimpered. She stumbled onto the sides of her platforms and dropped John on the seat.

'What is wrong with you?' He said. 'This is a family restaurant.'

She allowed herself to be dragged outside without a struggle. He threw her onto the parking lot and she collapsed, sobbing onto the asphalt. Her purple ass cheeks poked beneath her panties.

'You vile woman. Leave now before I call the cops.'

Maggie turned to him with tears streaming and her mouth curled in despair. Her panties were damp. She lifted her hand to her ear and made the gesture of a phone. It belonged to Alexa. She could not abandon it. She crawled to him and dropped at his feet. She wrapped her hands around his ankles and kissed his shoe.

'Stop that,' he said, pulling himself away. She lifted herself to her knees, clasped her hands, and begged.

He sighed. 'You'll then leave?'

She nodded.

He muttered to himself as he went back inside and returned shortly with both the phone and John.

'Here, and take this thing with you.' He discarded John onto the floor. 'For God's sake, woman, you're sick. Get some help.'


She walked unsteadily along the sidewalk on her platforms, grappling John against her body for protection from the cold. A car slowed down and some teens poked their heads through the windows to yell "whore." She tried to ignore them but one of the girls threw a beer bottle. Maggie ducked and it smashed onto the sidewalk by her feet. She looked aghast at the girl who gave her the finger. The car sped away with the teens laughing and pointing.

It was all the warning she needed to get off the road. She would attract the worst kinds of freaks and fetishists looking like she did.

The Whatsapp jingle startled her. She stopped and fumbled to answer. Alexa appeared, smirking at her through the screen. Maggie curled her frown into the most fragile of smiles, halfway between relief and exhaustion.

'Hiiii, baby Maggie,' said Alexa. 'How'd it go? Where are you now?'

Maggie shrugged.

'OK, well you'd better go find somewhere to hide until we're finished. You may message me your location and we'll pick you up in a while.'

Maggie heard Mark's deep voice. 'There should be a pawn shop a block down from that Taco Bell. It'll be closed. Nobody will be there. Go round the back and wait for us.'

Alexa grinned at the camera. 'You hear that?'

Maggie nodded and sniffled to suppress her joy. They did care about her safety. She loved them both more than ever.

'Ok, got to go,' said Alexa, 'our entrées are here. Byeeeee.' She hung up and Maggie returned to loneliness.


She squatted between two trash cans, hoping her makeshift barricade would block her from any drunks that happened to stumble behind the store. She shivered and clutched John for warmth. He had begun to deflate. She fingered the plastic valve beneath his crotch where his testicles should have been and shuddered.

She heard a car. The headlights scanned the empty parking lot. She shrank further behind one of the trash cans as a precaution but breathed her relief when she saw Mark's Porsche, still gleaming after Maggie's wash and wax. She crawled out from her makeshift burrow and waved. Mark and Alexa laughed at her through the front windscreen. Maggie held John against her and moved to open the backdoor. She placed John inside and followed, scooting up to the middle seat.

'Oh my god,' said Alexa, 'you look so fucking tragic. I love it.'

Maggie flushed and smiled along as if that somehow made her part of the joke rather than the cause.

'Give me my phone, slut.'

Maggie handed it over and Alexa immediately started texting, chuckling at the screen. Maggie clutched herself and rubbed across the prickles on her skin. The heated seat roasted her buttocks. The soreness was a comfort. Her pain told her she was safe now.

'So, we had a wonderful dinner,' said Alexa, throwing her phone in her Saint Laurent bag. 'Look.' She thrust the back of her hand at Maggie who flinched, expecting a strike. Alexa wore a golden ring covered in floral diamonds that coalesced into a ruby gemstone as if it were in bloom. Alexa was engaged. Just like she wanted. 'What do you think? 24 karat by the way. what does the ruby symbolize again, hun?' she said to Mark, batting her lashes.

'Passion and undying love,' he said, smiling adoringly at his new fiance and placing his strong hand on her knee.

'Oh my god, Maggie,' said Alexa, turning back to her. 'You should have seen it. We were holding hands when the pianist started to play my favorite Rachmaninov. My heart was pounding. Mark got down on one knee and...what did you say to me, hun?'

'Alexa,' said Mark, 'you have made me happier than I ever thought possible. You are the love of my life. Will you do me the greatest honor of becoming my wife?'

Alexa grinned at Maggie. 'Can you picture it? "Yes, yes," I cried. The whole restaurant applauded. We embraced and kissed. It was so romantic. How happy are you for me?'

Maggie clapped. She had seen Mark at his most self--destructive. Back then, she had never been able to help him through his heartache. But with Alexa, he was happy every day. He never mentioned his ex again after Alexa came into their lives. Sometimes it saddened her that she couldn't have been the one to help him forget, but she understood: Alexa was the better woman.

'Fuck,' said Alexa, biting her lip, and rubbing her hand over Mark's groin, 'you have no idea how badly I want your cock.' She turned back to Maggie. 'You're so fucking lucky we stopped to pick you up. I can't wait to fuck this man.'

Maggie wriggled. The thought of them leaving her abandoned in the dark and cold, terrified and alone, while Alexa bounced her soft pussy on Mark's huge cock, sweating, and screaming, as he fondled her erect nipples, made Maggie desperate to squeeze her clit.

'But that wouldn't be fair to you, Maggie, would it?'

Maggie gulped and slowly shook her head. Alexa smirked, a single eyebrow was raised. Maggie recognized the look. Alexa had thought of something evil.

'Don't think John has forgotten about you. I know he has big plans for you. It's Valentine's Day. You deserve something extra special tonight.'


Maggie traced her eyes down the graceful curve of Alexa's naked back. She gently folded Alexa's bra and panties and placed them neatly in the hamper. Mark lay shirtless on the bed with his hand down his pants, rubbing his cock.

Alexa caressed her fingers down her pussy lips. 'Kiss my ass,' she said to Maggie.

Maggie crawled to her and laid small kisses around her smooth skin before pressing her nose close to her asshole and inhaling her scent.


Maggie was delighted to obey. She pushed Alexa's cheeks apart, leaned in, and circled her tongue around her creases. Her asshole tasted better than a luxury gelato. Alexa twitched her butt to guide Maggie to where she wanted to be licked. Maggie followed her lead and alternated her rhythm.

Alexa eventually pulled away, leaving Maggie behind. She clambered onto the bed and crawled over Mark. They kissed and she began to pull down his pants, swaying her ass at Maggie who stared up at her from the floor, desperate for her tongue to return.

Alexa kissed down Mark's chest muscles and tugged down his Calvin Kleins. Maggie knew immediately what to do. She crawled to the foot of the bed and reached up to guide them from his legs. She placed her chin between his feet and watched Alexa tickle the head of Mark's cock with her tongue. Maggie was wet and jerked herself against the foot of the bed.

Alexa sat up and smirked at Maggie from behind her shoulder. 'Slow down, slut,' she said, rotating her hips against Mark's crotch. 'You're being a terrible date right now, you know. John wants some fun too, you know.'

Maggie looked down and saw his deflated form on the floor next to her. His flat face seemed to leer. She whimpered. All she wanted was to quietly hump the foot of the bed while watching her superiors fuck.

'Don't give me those puppy eyes, slut. He's your Valentine. Inflate him.'

Maggie bent down and opened the valve on his groin. Air escaped. She crouched as low as she could wrapped her lips around the plastic and blew. She heard Alexa and Mark laughing at her from the bed. John's body slowly expanded.

She gasped as she felt her panties wedgie. She turned to see Alexa holding them.

'Keep sucking him, slut. I didn't tell you to stop.'

She tried to continue, lapping her tongue over the valve, but Alexa pulled her further away. Maggie tried to scurry back but Alexa lifted her from the floor and held her suspended before the material ripped. Maggie fell on top of John, naked but for her training bra. Alexa slapped her bare ass and Maggie squeaked, returning to the valve.

'Stay like that,' said Alexa.

Maggie did as she was told and continued to blow. She heard Alexa depart and glanced behind her to see her return with a strap-on and ball gag. Maggie whimpered.

'OK, slut. That's enough. Finish up.'

Maggie retracted her lips and sealed him. He looked more like his old, smug self. Alexa thrust the dildo into Maggie's face, slapping her with it across her cheek.

'John is hard for you, better go help him, slut.'

Maggie took the dildo and attached it around John's crotch. Alexa wrapped the ball gag around Maggie's face. Maggie opened her jaw as wide as she could and Alexa shoved the red silicone ball inside her mouth. It pressed down against her tongue. Maggie did not gag. Alexa had trained her well.

The first three months of Maggie's service had been spent with a cock-gag lodged down her throat. The first two weeks had been worse than hell. She had constantly gagged and gargled. She could only breathe through her nose and remained in perpetual panic. The straps were buckled tightly around the back of her head and padlocked. Her hands were duct-taped behind her back to prevent her clawing at the harness. That first night, trapped in her cage in the dark water closet, she had feared she might die, choking and drooling in a puddle of her own leaking pussy juice.

Alexa was right, though. It did fix her gag reflex.

'OK, slut,' said Alexa, tightening the straps, 'I want you to face me while you fuck him. Reverse cowgirl. Got it?'

Maggie's whimper muffled through her gag. She nodded.

'And you know the rule, don't you dare cum before me.'

Maggie shook her head. Alexa smirked and smacked across the blisters on her ass once again. Maggie whined and squatted over John facing the bed. She held the dildo straight and edged it over the wet pussy lips, grinding her crotch against the shaft.

She watched as Alexa prepared a reverse cowgirl of her atop Mark. Alexa prodded her ass toward Mark's face and he leaned in to continue licking where Maggie had started. Alexa bit her lip and wrapped her hands around Mark's ample shaft. She twisted as she stroked, blinking her long lashes at a frustrated and teased Maggie who stared at her, begging for penetration.

Alexa chuckled and leaned back against Mark. She spread her legs and Mark thrust his hips, brushing his cock against her glistening pussy. Alexa purred and massaged a finger against her clit. Maggie whimpered, her pussy pleading for John to fuck her.

Alexa finally relented and squatted over Mark, guiding his large cock inside her pussy. Her eyes flickered. Maggie followed her lead and the dildo glided through her juices. Her entire body quivered. Alexa began to push herself away from Mark's chest and back down again, sliding his cock through her. Mark reached over and circled his fingers over her hard nipples. Alexa grinned and increased her pace. Maggie tried to keep up squealing inside her gag, ready to explode in cum.

Mark groaned and Maggie knew Alexa had squeezed her vaginal muscles against him. It was a trick she had developed from all her pelvic exercises. Alexa bounced, slapping her ass against his crotch. She gripped her hands around his thick wrists and chanted her pleasure. Her body sparkled in sweat. She grew breathless, tilted her head back, and orgasmed with an ecstatic scream. Mark's balls pulsed as he came deep inside of her.

Maggie whimpered and finally released herself like a key turning in the lock. Her body felt a rush of pleasure as images of Alexa's bliss and her own degradation flickered through her mind. Warmth rushed through her, consuming her in euphoria. She cried and squealed while Alexa laughed hysterically eventually releasing a long, contented sigh.

'OK, slut,' she said, pointing to her leaking pussy, 'get over here.'

Maggie extracted herself from John with her own pussy still dripping, and crawled onto the bed. Alexa reached behind her head and unfastened the ball gag. Alexa pulled it from her mouth and grabbed Maggie's pigtails. She forced Maggie's face against her pussy. Maggie lapped up the cum and swallowed. The scent and taste of their sex made Maggie rub her hand against her own moist cunt. She made certain to tongue as deep as she could within Alexa's succulent pussy, savoring every drop. It was these intimate moments with Alexa that made every ordeal she suffered worth it.

Alexa yanked her away and told her she was a good slut. Maggie smiled and Alexa shook Mark's cock at her face. Maggie happily got to work cleaning his head and lapping down the shaft to suck cum from his pubic hair.

'So, how was he?' said Alexa.

Maggie blushed up at her.

Alexa chuckled and slotted the ball gag back inside Maggie's mouth, tightening the strap even worse than before. She scooted back up the bed to rest against the pillows. Mark sat up and lightly kissed around her nipples.

'Well, John has had the time of his life. What a good little Valentine's Day slut you are.'

Maggie beamed.

'And guess what? It isn't over yet. You still have your Valentine's day surprise!'

Maggie tilted her head in confusion.

Alexa laughed. 'Silly, you thought John's cock was your surprise? No, no. John has something soooo much better for you. You see, Maggie. He's never been with such a filthy slut before. He loves it. He loves you.'

Maggie gulped. She did not like where this was going.

'Go ahead and open the second drawer,' she pointed to the desk. Mark chuckled as he kissed around her breasts.

Maggie crawled off the bed and over the floor. She knelt up and opened the drawer to find a plastic gumball. She felt dizzy. She gasped for breath through her ball gag. She turned to the grinning Alexa and whimpered.

'Go on,' said Alexa, biting her lip.

Maggie clicked open the ball and saw a plastic ring with a plastic red heart like a jewel.

'Oh my god, is that an engagement ring? Maggie! Isn't this wonderful? How perfect is this? We can get married together.'

'She has to say yes first,' said Mark.

'Pfft, of course, she'll say yes. John is perfect for her. Right, Maggie?'

Maggie trembled. She saw herself exactly one year later at a Valentine's Day wedding hosted by the Goddess club. Alexa marched her down the aisle on a leash. She crawled, dressed in white bondage with a wire gag locked in her mouth. Her nipples were clamped and attached to her gag by short chains. The Goddesses would laugh and record her on their phones. Alexa led her to the altar where a BDSM priest conducted the ceremony.

Mark held John and in his booming voice, mocked John's answers. Maggie would cry and nod her agreement to marriage at the encouragement of Alexa, tugging on her leash and choking her. Mark would lower John for Maggie to make out with. The guests would applaud and Alexa would lead Maggie back down the aisle as a married woman. The Goddesses would take their assigned paddles and give the bride a swat on her ass as she crawled within their reach.

'Well?' said Alexa, 'what do you say?'

Maggie nodded. It was a Valentine's Day dream come true.