Ever since I've moved back to my family's home and fulfilled my writing contracts, I've been reconsidering some things regarding the story I've started with, Who Kill Cats Nine Times, and I decided that I should respect both it and myself.

For one, it was intended to be free from the get-go (well, except for Amazon, unfortunately), so I will keep it so in WordPress as well as the other platforms it was published on. Although, to be honest, some of those I didn't really agree with, and it was part of the reason behind my bad feelings towards writing for the early part of the year.

Like I've said on the blog, I've decided to pretty much self-publish the latter part of Who Kill Cats Nine Times as well as future stories that I will write. And by that, I mean posting chapters on a semi-regular basis on the blog, as well as putting up special e-book versions here on Buy Me A Coffee. All of my stories so far are light novel-inspired, so I might as well include illustrations and whatnot, right?

Time to progress in this new chapter of my writing life, then.