Jul 07, 2021

so the new moon in ♋ cancer is in a few days and I am: feeling it. mostly I am exhausted and restless at the same time and wish every aspect of my life would change but also feel like that's so inevitable at this point and like maybe i'm not even fully ready yet.

I do know july is full of supercharged cosmic vibes so i started w the galactic oracle 🗝

some of us will be emerging from an extra long yin cycle of being more introverted and in our feelings because of all the emotional alchemy and collective purging that has been required of us. tbh don't be alarmed but what i've noticed is a lot of us are also processing past life shit, casually, on top of current traumas. fun stuff, luckily we've also gained a new level of self love + confidence in our abilities and received a plethora of signs that we have finally cleared a LOT from our mind and aura and we're on the right path and would do well to remember that. we've learned that we need to fully embody the energy we want to experience more of. now we get to participate in the vision. solar consciousness is our direct connection to our higher self or source consciousness. lights up our spirit and our life and allows for divine inspiration to be put into action. each of us has something magic and necessary to offer our communities on both a small and large scale. of course giving is receiving and i feel like a lot of us are going to experience support and blessings we didn't see coming. opportunities abound if you can meet this energy halfway and put yourself out there with an open heart. we have to also get it through our heads that we're out here creating the future together in every. now. moment. instead of life just happening to us all haphazardly or these corrupt "world leaders" and government being in control, they actually have so little power they have to siphon our life force on the daily. anyway. I revoke consent to all energetic siphoning!

ace of wands (fire) 2 of pentacles (jupiter in capricorn) and the chariot (moon in cancer) give us another boost of insight and willpower for our missions. aces align us with things. they bring revelations & gifts directly from spirit and show us our unique powers and passions and how they can birth miracles.

two of pentacles demands balance and synergy. there's a lot going on and a lot of things coming and going from our lives so we have to remember that it's all divinely orchestrated. this is a time to cut out some distractions and get really organized and practical about the changes you want to make especially to the home/family environment. then give equal attention to the things in your life that ARE working for you! nurture those things! the chariot here is saying "u got this! because you're amazing and you've done the necessary work, just keep it up."

aand idk why i just heard "follow the white rabbit" 🙃

well yeah i just came down from one of the heaviest shroom trips ever and all i can tell you is change is the only constant and we do always have the choice to lock onto a preferred timeline. also time totally isn't real. don't worry about it. just flow.

anyway i'm open for readings and here's my basic price list right now but I definitely offer more options 💭 anyone reading this can request discounted prices too. just dm me.

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