quick on the fly card pull for aries szn 💛

Cards from the Herbal tarot since i haven't used her in a while:

The Emperor ❗♈


The Chariot

Three powerfully relevant major arcana cards ruled by aries/mars, jupiter/sagittarius and cancer/moon

the blessings of aries season are new beginnings and renewed ambition and energy for attaining our goals. mars/aries brings the fire and passion. we may suddenly want to go all in and try new things to reach our desired outcomes. so we also may find ourselves in various positions of power during aries season. the emperor embodies aries and takes the reigns of their life with fierce confidence and as usual there's an energetic balance required so we don't get ourselves into unnecessary trouble or burnout. temperance is there to remind us that while we may have heightened energy now, with patience, faith and a little moderation comes success! or the chariot...

the chariot is going places, whether it's physical travel, emotional growth, astral travel etc there's expansion involved, but since the chariot is ruled by cancer + moon + 4th house wherever you're going feels like home or you're able to find or leave a tiny part of yourself there. a lot of us are planting and nurturing real or intentional seeds right now and manifesting what's to come this year. the chariot is a beautiful card for new beginnings and growth.

💎 crystals for aries szn: fire agate and opal, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, bloodstone, tiger eye, red jasper + some blue lace agate or watery aquamarine to calm the fires + boost throat chakra.

🌿 plants: basil, red peppers, garlic, nettles, calendula, rose, burdock root, yarrow, st johns wort, ginger, vervain, hawthorn.

🔮 tarot: queen of wands, the emperor, the tower. power + initiation, sometimes destruction