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Get Started with SwiftUI and MVVM #1

Get Started with SwiftUI and MVVM #1

May 25, 2020

Why SwiftUI

SwiftUI is definitely the future of iOS App Development, developers can easily begin app development to SwiftUI. it is more similar to react-native/flutter kind of platforms than the traditional UIKit..


Let see what will be the benefits of using implementing SwiftUI

  • State management

  • Less code

  • Less build time

  • Less size

  • Easily adaptable for beginners

Role of Architecture

Like any other platforms, choosing a suitable app architecture plays an important part in here too, let see the main reasons to choose a perfect architecture

  • The app should be scalable for new features

  • An organization should have a coding standard which every developer need to follow

  • The app should be flexible for team collaboration

Which is the most perfect architecture?

Well, there is no one! we can use one from many choices like Clean Architecture, MVVM, MVP, Redux, etc. choosing is not exactly copying what is on any tutorial from the internet, we should set our own template by customizing it.
Here is a template that I created with MVVM architecture and this is not final. It can be improved from our experience after shipping each app. I would love to discuss more in the next article

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