Buy Stéphane Hamel a coffee



Interestingly, when I write about privacy and digital marketing ethics, I don't make any money and I don't expect to generate leads. It takes me hours to write an article and I don't have an agency or vendor to support me financially.

It's all about me, my opinions and a keyboard to express myself.

That means I'm totally independent and unbiased, which is great! But it also means that something like Medium's partner program barely makes me enough money to buy a cup of coffee a month.

Hence this creative economy idea where you can make a small contribution to encourage me.

This idea came to me on a cold and rainy Friday of December. Within a few hours I was receiving contributions from people I’ve never met but who have an interest in my work. This warms my heart and encourages me to continue to share my ideas, my vision and my passion for the ethical use of marketing data.


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.