Hey new folks, friends and followers of my creative journeys over the past 12 years or more for some of you! I love you all for that! you make me who I am creatively.

I am Shane, I am a creator with a troubled mind and honest heart - I have quirks, obsessions, random talents , I talk to much , i enjoy being alone with a paper and pencil, I cope in my own ways, people who know me say I'm fine but know and admit Im a little different. this is me.

This will be my place of creative refuge, I have been looking for a place I can show work ( MORE WORK) because any of you that know me , know that I really hold back on how much I show of all that I do with images/films and music. I wanted a place that people could support me and will not vanish in the event I die (god forbid but tis always a thought) .

With all that will you join me or drop a few coffees??