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Hi, I'm Shanna.

I'm a writer from California who moved to Portugal in 2018. I'm learning to navigate my new city, bumbling along with the language, oh, and eating a whole-foods plant-based diet in a country that's big on seafood.

I ask big questions and explore thoughtful topics, often about living simply, creatively, and with intention.

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Many thanks--I appreciate you! ☕️ 🙏 😊
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It's raining this morning in Portland, Oregon. It came in with drama at 3 am, booming thunder & flashing lightning causing our pup much distress. Now we are enjoying the sweet sound of rain drops pattering everything, cleaning the leaves on the trees and bushes and bringing happy sounds from the birds and squirrels. All these events affect caring hearts around the globe. Your words resonate...

Aww, Trina--it's been so hard in the PNW. Rain is sweet relief (we just had some, too). Thank you for your kindness... ☕️ 😊 

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Have really enjoyed reading your entries ever since I found your blog. Love your latest entry on Melancholy.

Thanks Deb for your kindness--I appreciate the coffee and that you are a dedicated reader! ☕️ 😊 

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