Dear generous supporters,

I started using Buy Me A Coffee about 3 months ago, just as an experiment. Several readers of my life: examined newsletter have asked how they could support my writing, knowing that it takes hours to create thoughtful letters with my community in mind.

I was grateful for their desire to support my work, but I didn't want to start a complex new platform, like Patreon. Fortunately, I found Buy Me A Coffee and it's the perfect fit!

I don't plan to post here very often, my main writings live on Substack (where my newsletter is hosted) and my website, but I wanted to reach out to those who might see this that your support--a coffee or two--means so much to me. It does matter. It keeps me inspired to write for you, sharing my thoughts in an open and authentic way.

So again, thank you. I see you, and your kindness matters.

In coffee we trust,