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One-Card Tarot Reading


Hi! My name is Foxlight and I read Tarot!

For just the price of a medium coffee, you can ask me one question and I will answer with one card that can tell you what you should do next, what actions you need to take or what you need to work on to get the possible outcome for your situation. I am a pagan witch devoted to the Goddess Frigga All-Mother and I've been reading Tarot for over a decade now. I'm using the amazing technology of the internet to take my professional career to a whole new modern level and connect to more people. Like the Star card that I identify with most, it is my wish to bring a little guidance and hope to those who may feel lost. If I can't answer your question, I can at least point you in the right direction.

***Please note that I do not answer questions regarding medical issues, legal advice, or gambling.*** I am not a licensed medical or legal professional, and gambling is illegal. I offer these services for entertainment purposes only. 

When you purchase a coffee, please include your question along with what name you prefer to be called by (first names and nicknames will more than suffice), and your zodiac sign. No other personal information is required. Please include first names/nicknames and zodiac signs (if you know them) for any other party involved in your question (such as a relationship question. If you prefer to keep it as "my significant other"that is perfectly fine). 

If you enjoy my reading, please consider following me on Instagram @foxlightwitch for daily readings, witchy tips, and pagan insights. All followers get to participate in Free Reading Friday starting July 31 where you can DM me one question to receive a one card answer for free!

May the light of the star guide you along your way. 

Much love,