Buy Share a Coffee by Curtis a coffee


I run a daily newsletter where I buy a coffee for a creator using Buy Me A Coffee.

Buying a coffee for me goes directly to the newsletter and other creators.

Ash and Whit
Ash and Whit bought 10 coffees.

Thank you Curtis for speading the love to so many makers over the past few months! From the features in the newsletter to technical help to literally building a platform to share walls of love we all really appreciate you taking the time to give back to the community 💕 🙏

Felix Wong
Felix Wong bought a coffee.

Thank you so much for doing this. Extremely helpful for the creator ecosystem!

Jijo Sunny
Jijo Sunny bought 3 coffees.

Thanks Jijo!

mindyourbite bought a coffee.

Love this idea to discover and support the hard work of fellow creators. My pleasure to be part of it.

Thank you Naomi!

Jelmer bought a coffee.