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Hi, there 👋  It's Ali from share to inspire blog. I am a  self-growth enthusiast and I have a burning passion for improving myself, building confidence, ditching fear, and living the life I have designed. 

I created this platform to share my passion and hope to inspire and empower women in the aspects of self- growth, finances, productivity, and relationships. 

I am an English teacher living in Japan and been here for four years now. It has been my life goal to live in this amazing country. I consider myself blessed to have traveled and lived here. I got to experience different cultures, learn a new language, and meet extraordinary friends. My life back in the Philippines was total chaos. I was a freedom chaser. I was chasing financial freedom and I knew I wasn’t living my best life. I was searching for validation from other people. I was measuring my worth and my success using someone else’s ruler.

Only when I took the risk and go out of my comfort zone, I started my personal growth journey. I started my self-improvement journey in 2017 and practiced it in various ways. I was empowered and have become the best version of myself since then. No more limiting beliefs to myself. I never looked back and now I am living the life that I designed. 

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