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Patreon July 2021 critique by Labanya

Jul 08, 2021

Patreon July 2021 critique by Labanya


Hello there! Hope things are well there, here things are nice, can’t say very bad, even though they look very grim.

I have just finished reading the July bunch of Patreon books created/written by Sharmishtha Basu, sharing my honest opinion about them, hoping they will bring a few much needed patrons her way!

If you want them for free you will have to critique the Ezines for a year, loyally and faithfully, if you critique them for a year and send the critiques to Sharmishtha she will give you these five books for free next year. You can go on for years, I plan to!

How to get the Ezines? You can buy them directly from her [paypal] or through gumroad, shoptly. The second way is you can write/create for Agnishatdal, if you send 12 pieces you will get 12 issues of both Ezines, that is, annual subscription of both ezines. Pick up your way and start writing the critiques.

1. Agnilipi [writing/letter of fire]: It contains 10 gorgeous photographs taken by Sharmishtha Basu. They are pleasing and pretty to my eyes. My favorite is the royal Bengal tiger or tigress! What magnificent creatures.

2. Agnipat [portrait of fire]: It contains 10 cute paintings of babies, human and animal, birds.

3. Agnimalya [garland of fire]: This month the book contains a set of micro fictions, some are about human beings most about fantastical beings, some nice others wicked. Thoroughly enjoyable!

4. Coming Kingdom: It was a mixed ride, there were a bunch of micro stories and some longer ones, daughter was heart-breaking and vampire in love was real fun!

5. SBPnB [Sharmishtha Basu’s Pen n Brush]: It contains 10 illustrated poems, the paintings are pretty and the poems are fantastic.

Will return next month with critiques, till then stay safe!

yours truly,


It is my pseudonym and I write for Sharmishtha only, when I use social media I use my real name not Labanya. I really don’t have any plans of writing for anyone else at present. If I do I will start using my real name! If you like my works you can always send a few lines to Sharmishtha or write them as comments, she will tell me.

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