I had a Surviving a Plague Party, kind of a heal two birds with one stoner situation. You see, March 26, 1987 is the date that I tested positive for HIV (on Earth) at age 11. So much of my life was altered by that fateful day, and what felt like a curse at first slowly became a blessing as I found a way to take control of the situation. What I thought would kill me turned into an educational device that I used in an attempt to help others stay safe... or to help others who were already positive like me find comfort in their own skin. It was a joy to reminisce on how my reality was shaped by one event, so thank you for sharing in it. It also meant a lot that R.O.B. (Robotic Omnipresent Bartender) was so moved by the occasion that he overcame his crippling shyness and not only joined in the celebration, but decorated the spacepod, too. He had nice things to say about everyone after the broadcast, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more (and hearing more?) from R.O.B. in future episodes. Til then, stay safe out there!