Buy shaysober a coffee


Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I just created a page here & you can now buy me a coffee :)

I am over a year sober and want to help others that struggle with alcoholism, or problem drinking of any kind. 

We all know that people who struggle with addiction typically don't have loads of extra money lying around. I understand this completely. 

I stick with Instagram as my main source of sober inspiration and motivation because it's free to anyone who needs it. But, I gotta tell ya I put a lot of effort and time into my content and I do it all by myself.

If you "like" (get it) my content more than just double tapping and giving me and extra red heart on my insta-post than you can support me here by buying me an extra boost of that caffeine-energy in the morning! lol

Spreading the word about shaysober on insta and fb helps me loads and I appreciate the support however you can give it.

Keep it simple. and remember, Gratitude is the attitude!