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I was searching something like taskell for years. Love it! I even think about learning Haskell just to contribute. Do you have any good resource on the subject?

Thanks! Glad you find it useful. I sort of learned via The Haskell Book ( – but I found it fairly impenetrable at times. Mostly just picked it up via making some things with it and making a lot of mistakes.

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I've been on Taskell for almost a year now and I use it for everything. Genuinely my favorite piece of software. So simple. So good. More power to you.

Thanks! Glad you like it. Hopefully I’ll have some time to work on it again soon.

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Taskell is the todo app I've been looking for. Thank you for creating a wonderful tool!

Thanks! Glad you like it. Hopefully going to get some time to work on it again next week 😄 

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thank you for taskell :) 

Thanks :)