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Hey, I'm Shelley Lieber, writer, empath, HSP, guide.

I have a career-long history in publishing. I don't go back as far as Guttenberg, but when I started as an editor at Holt, Rinehart & Winston, then a division of CBS Publishing, we still sent out the manuscript to be typeset, created page layouts on mechanical boards, and sent the art and page copy to color separators. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that is what traditional publishing did before the advent of digital press. I spent eight years at Holt before moving from New York to Florida.

I continued my publishing career as a magazine editor, freelance writer, and marketing and public relations writer while my children were growing up. Once they were off to college, my attention turned to my own writing and and back to publishing. By then self-publishing was gaining a foothold in the industry, and I began helping indie writers learn how to create and publish professional-quality books, comparable to what traditional publishers put out.

I was the South Florida Regional Rep for the National Association of Women Writers and created my own private group, The Women's Writing Room in Fort Lauderdale.

In 2007, I moved to Asheville, NC and started the international online writers' organization, VIP Authors, and began publishing selected authors with my own company, VIP Press.

By 2013, I turned over the reins of those endeavors to someone else so I could focus on getting my own novel finished and published. Until 2017, when my husband and I began a three-year road trip across the United States, I published over 20 novels, mostly under pen names.

The pandemic forced us to curtail our travel and we settled back in Asheville, where I remain after my beloved's passing in November 2020. I had planned to write a memoir of our travel years, and I still intend to complete that work. But first, the story of our last year—my witnessing his transition from form back to spirit, and his continued guidance and contact is my current focus. A huge section of the book comes from my journals, texts, and emails during this period.

Journaling, timed writing with prompts, and sprints to complete daily word counts are the methods I use to stay sane and complete book projects. I want to share how I do it with you and help you to employ these strategies to also write to heal yourself and the world.

To learn more about my current book in progress and the Destiny Moment that was the inspiration for it, visit my blog.