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Aug 24, 2021

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👦👨‍🔧The Story of Two Cousins ​​Publo & Bruno

There were two cousins ​​in one Italian village. Their names are Pablo and Bruno. They were both hardworking and looking for opportunities to make life better. One day they got that opportunity.

 They needed two people in the village who could fill buckets with water from a nearby river and supply it to the people in the village, and a penny was given for each bucket.

 Both wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. They applied for the job and were selected to fetch water. Bruno was very happy, he thought his dream was about to come true but Pablo was a bit confused but they started working.

 Bruno and Pablo had severe pain in their hands as they carried buckets of water. So Pablo began to think of other ways to make things easier and he found a great way to think.

 He said to Bruno, “Brother, I have a great idea. without pulling buckets every day we should build a pipeline from the river to our village. Then we can easily get water through the pipeline rather than having to suffer every day. ”

Bruno did not show much interest in the idea. Because he could get instant money by pulling the bucket.

 But Pablo slowly started working according to his plan. He worked half the day building the pipeline and the rest of the day carrying buckets of water.

This would have made his income much less. He knew the job was very difficult. It may take 1-2 years to build the pipeline but he had faith in his own idea. So Pablo continued his work.

Meanwhile, the people of the village started laughing and joking about Pablo. Because there is no such work in 1-2 months. His income was also less. Everyone started jokingly calling him "Pablo, The Pipeline Man"

Bruno, on the other hand, has doubled his income so far. He bought a big house in the meantime, his lifestyle has completely changed. He could now buy new things of his choice if he wanted to. And everyone in the village respects him now “Mr. Bruno ”began to call.

When Bruno was having fun on the holidays, going for walks, Pablo continued to work on the pipeline of his dreams.

He knew Short Term Pain is Long Term Gain. So he continued to work on his pipeline day after day. And so after a few months, half of it was pipeline work.

This time Pablo had only halfway to fetch water. Now he had much more time to work on his pipeline.

On the other hand, Bruno saw that his body was getting weaker day by day due to carrying heavy buckets every day. He could not fetch water like before. His income also started decreasing. And now everyone in the village started calling him "Bruno, the bucket man".

And so the months went by, Pablo started working on his pipeline and within a few years Pablo completed his entire pipeline work.

Now he could give fresh water to the villagers without pulling any bucket every day. He started making a lot of money because of his pipeline. Now the situation is that Pablo could earn even when he slept or went for a walk.

 On the other hand, when the pipeline came, Bruno, the Bucket Man became completely unemployed.

Everyone in the village could get all the water they needed from Pablo's pipeline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At this point in the story, you ask yourself,

---- “Are you a Bucket Carrier or a PipeLine Builder?

---- Do you have to go to work every day like Bruno to earn money?

---- Or would you like to work hard for a while like Pablo so that you can still have income while you sleep?

🌎Bucket Carrying World

In this bucket carrying the world, we are taught, "To earn more you have to work harder, you have to carry more buckets", which is not right!

 The author says, "If you want to make yourself rich, spend all of your income on expensive cars, houses or exterior things and you will see others start to think you are rich."

But if you want to be Wealthy (Not Rich!) And Financial Freedom, you need to start saving income today. Wealth is the money or assets that are never spent, that is, the financial security (Financial Security) that gives you.

You can guess if someone is rich but you can never guess if he is wealthy. Because wealth is hidden behind human eyes.

 Health and Wealth are two things that will affect your life whether you are interested or not.

We have many solutions for health problems. Modern science has come a long way now, we now have the cure for many diseases. We have doctors to explain what is right for the body and what is wrong.

💸💸But for the Wealth Problem?

People still don't know exactly what to do with their money. We still don't understand how money works. People are still afraid to invest. And because of this lack of Financial Literacy, they fall into debt or never get out of financial trouble due to misuse of money and never get Financial Freedom.

The author shows in his book, the whole world at the present time North Americans work the hardest, even more than the Japanese !! People there also work 3-4 hours a day to earn money !! But even then the Consumer Debt (loan) of that region is all-time High !!

So if bucket carrying is so bad then why are we running to be Bruno, The Bucket man like everyone else ??

This is because our education system, society, and teachers teach us how to be like Bruno, The Bucket man, how to get a job, how to earn time with others (Time Trade). But they never teach us to think like “Pablo, The Pipeline Builder”.

We may think that those who work for higher wages are happier and richer. But the author says, "Not at all!"

According to the author, Secure Job, Dream Job is an illusion (imagination) that is meant to you from a young age. Stay. Your Pipelines are your Lifelines

Dariel Strawberry was a famous baseball player. He used to earn 5 5 million a year just by playing baseball. He earned 100 100 million before the age of 40 due to brand promotion and personal branding.

Now you may think that after earning so much money, he may not have any more financial problems. But that did not happen.

 When he was expelled from baseball, he had no other means of earning a living, and after a few months of searching, it was discovered that he had no money to support his children. Why is that? And what happened to his 100 million?

In fact, he spent all his money on expensive houses, sports cars, luxurious lifestyles, alcohol, and drugs. He had no money to spend.

Margaret O'Donnell, on the other hand, taught in a small town. She has taught school all his life, and her annual income was less than 10,000.

When she retired at the age of 60, her annual income was ০০ 6,500. But when she died at the age of 100, her net worth was close to 2 2 million !!!

How can a low-paid teacher own so much money ??

It is known that even though she got a low salary, she used to invest some part of her salary in the stock market regularly. And her investment was constantly working as a pipeline for him. As a result, her net worth reached close to 2 million when she died!

The author said, "No matter how big your buckets are, they eventually dry up."

 Baseball player Dariel Strawberry may have carried a lot of big buckets but he spent all of his income on waste. He never thought of building a pipeline for the future.

The teacher, on the other hand, may have carried a small bucket. But by investing in regular stocks, she has slowly built a pipeline for her.

Pipelines keep pumping day after day, year after year, whether you’re there to the work or not.

A Bigger Bucket won't solve the problem!

From the story of the baseball player, you have come to understand that no matter how big a bucket you carry, your income will stop at some point.

Now you may think that Daryl Strawberry may have spent money on bad things, but it would have been better if the money had been collected in time. You may be arguing that you can get financial freedom if you have a well-paying job and don't spend money on bad things.

And then ordinary people think like you, if bucket carrying is their only income, then they should carry a bucket that is very big, that is, a job with a higher salary or a job that has a good income. If we have more income, then we are financially secure.

But the reality is that bucket carrying can never be the way to achieve our financial freedom !!

This is because there are so many things that can happen in our lives that we are not prepared for.

Illness or any accident

Losing a job

To retire

 All of a sudden, your income can be cut off.

In bucket carrying or traditional jobs, you will get paid just as long as you work. The moment you lose the ability to work, the moment your income stops coming.

Even during the current Corona Pendimic, we see that many have lost their jobs. Many of them used to run small businesses, but they have closed down. Having no other source of income, they have had to face extreme economic problems.

Now ask yourself, does your income come from such a source that if you cannot work due to an accident or illness then your income will be completely cut off?

 Or do you have an income source that will continue to generate income for you even if you do not work directly?

 If you do not have an income source, you should start working now to start building the pipeline for yourself.

And now your question will be, "How do I build a pipeline that can generate income without my direct presence?"


The answer is given by the author in the part of Leverage: The Power Behind the Pipeline and The Ultimate Pipeline. The next part of the blog will be on how you can start the work of building the pipeline for yourself.

💪The Concept of "Leverage"

The word "leverage" comes from the French "Lever". Which means "to lighten something".

Leverage can be of two types -

1. Time Leverage

2. Money Leverage

In time leverage, more work is done in a short period of time and more income is sought. A classic example of time leverage is hiring an employee.

 If you want to start a restaurant, you need a waiter, you need a manager, you need a safe to cook. All this work but you can not do it alone.

And for this, you have to hire a waiter, manager, safe. To save your time here you are taking their time leverage.

You could not do so many things at once, at the same time, that is, your work would not be completed within a certain time. But when you hire people, you can do more work through others in the middle of that time.

In the case of money leverage, your money works for you, and the number of money increases over time. The classic example of money leverage is the idea of ​​investing in stocks.

Most millionaires like Warren Buffett make their fortune through investments. Millionaires invest a portion of their money in stocks for a long time and increase their wealth over time.

Now it is not possible for ordinary (Average Person Like Us) people to invest money. In many cases investing is risky, growing money is also a matter of time. The average person like us doesn't have enough money to take this risk.

But the good thing is that we all have the same amount of time even though we don't have the money like the millionaires. By leveraging this time, we can build the pipeline for ourselves in about five years.

And nowadays we have the biggest tool of leveraging and that is "Internet".

🌎Internet: The Ultimate e-PipeLine

If we want, we can now build a pipeline using time leverage using the internet, with the help of which we can start building our pipeline by doing a few things every day. And gradually we can create a big source of income.

Now, if we want, we can create content and spread our message to thousands of people, as I do.

You may want to create an automated business that can do well without your presence, such as delivering our products to people through online shops.

Our online shop can be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which has never been possible before. Customers can buy our products through the website whenever they are happy.

At the present time, we do not need to go out of the house to build the pipeline. We can build our own pipeline through the internet at home. Through which we can earn money by working whenever we want, wherever we want.

This pipeline is the best pipeline of the present time, which the author refers to as e-pipeline.

This pipeline will continue to make money for you even when you are asleep or going for a walk whenever you want.

And all this is well explained in the book The Parable of Pipeline. What our standard of living will depend largely on how sustainable our income is.

So my suggestion would be to read this book at least once and start building the pipeline for yourself as soon as possible.

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