As many of you know I have a website. Recently I started a podcast with three other creators. I did five episodes in total. Out of malice, they deleted the videos. I have the originals and seeing how as I was the host and they were my recordings I re-uploaded them to my YouTube channel just so I can link them on my website under my "Podcasts" to show my experience.

I was hit with copyright strikes by two of my former team members after being berated on my channel. It's important to note that my channel is NOT monetized with only 159 subscribers. I linked to their new channel, left all their social links, and credited them for their work. I was simply trying to reference the work I DID.

I so deeply regret ever asking them to be part of my project.

So my goal is to turn my website into a .com so that I can upload videos directly without having a link to supply.

I am working on a new short story, once that's finished I'll be at story #5. I have another story in the works (#7) and an idea for a prequel to The Buck (#8) which has been previously published by

The cost of going .com for Wordpress is $249 CAD. I'm trying to raise the funds now. I want to not only publish videos and my fiction, but I also want to make my site more accessible, easier to find and more aesthetically pleasing.

If anyone is able to donate, it would be most appreciated.

  • Sam