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However you got here, grateful for your presence. 

My name is Cindy Lee Alves (they/she/cindy lee). 

I talk. I teach. I shimmy.

I want us all to live our best lives and stay ready.

I am a sexologist, educator, and coach. I am the Founder of Ascension Institute, offering educational and coaching services to helping/healing professionals, and the host of Sex on Shuffle, a podcast discussing sex(uality) and media with #teachablemoments baked right in. 

Your monthly love offerings allow me to create in ways that are sustainable without being detrimental to my care and well-being. Know that you are supporting: 

Free and sliding scale coaching/mentorship/supervision to sex(uality) professionals of color

The creation of new episodes of Sex on Shuffle 

Free and sliding scale educational offers/events

Equitable pay to contractors, future Ascension Institute staff, and Sex on Shuffle guests.

The development of an educational hub centering Black women, Black femmes, and nonwhite folx of color - inclusive of trans and nonbinary folx.

“If Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free, since our freedom would necessitate the destruction of all systems of oppression.”

- The Combahee River Collective Statement 

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May this energetic exchange bring you an abundance of joy, pleasure, and ease. 

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