A few years ago, my dad borrowed my car to go to Virginia from PA because he was worried that his car couldn't make the trip. So, I lent it to him and warned him that I thought the tires were bald and that I needed to get them checked. I always procrastinate when it comes to car-stuffs. I find the whole thing extremely boring. (Note: I have a strange phobia about tires going flat. I have dreams about this and find myself checking everyone’s tires.  So, you'd think that being like this would cause me to actually get the needed maintenance on my car, but it doesn't).  Anyway, the car survived the long trip. He was back in a couple of days and didn't have any trouble.

So now I have my car back. There was a particular store that I loved to go to for my coffee and it was about an hour away. (yes I will drive that far for a good cup of coffee) I made my turn and felt the car jerk, so I parked in their parking lot. I shut the car off and sat there quietly for a minute. Anxiety kicks in....my mind is reeling at the thought.....the possibility...the horror...the unthinkable!!! Sure enough, my front tire was flat as a pancake!

In the past, I would have not have thought clearly and just panicked and cried until someone fixed my problem. But this time was a little different. The anxiety was there initially but everything else wasn't. This time, after realizing what happened, I calmly went into the store and got my delicious cup of coffee. I sat in my car sipping my hot cup of caffeine bliss. I called AAA and waited for them to come. I had to wait for five hours but during that time, I got to thinking of how great it was for this to happen at my favorite coffee spot. It could have happened on a highway in the middle nowhere because I did a lot of highway driving daily but it didn't.   Also, most convenient stores in PA do not have restrooms open to the public but this was one of the few that did. (And anyone that drinks coffee constantly knows that they must be in close proximity of a restroom at all times :) Again, it couldn't have happened at a better place!

While I realized the flat tire was inevitable at some point, I do believe that the Lord had His hand in this because it could have (and probably should have) gone flat during that trip to VA the day before. My dad would have been the one to bear the burden. But instead, the burden was on me, as it should be, and it couldn't have happened at a better place! I thought to myself that this was the Lord's way of getting my attention to do something yet it was in a nice and painless way.

If we look close enough, perhaps we will see God's blessings when things go wrong. The Lord is amazing!! Have any of you been in a sticky situation and then realize that God’s hand was in it? If so, I would love to hear about it.