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April Airdrops πŸš€πŸŒ•πŸ€‘

April Airdrops πŸš€πŸŒ•πŸ€‘

Apr 06, 2021

My friend got in on that $COPE airdrop worth $7k! I missed it, but got in on some other good ones last week. I have a toddler and a lot of down time during evenings where I can look at my phone. You need a Telegram account and
Twitter for most of them and a discord  for some.


Add contract addresses to Trustwallet and follow instructions in the links. You need a BSC wallet for this. I made a wallet just for airdrops on trust wallet and added BSC, ETH, SOL etc wallets to it. Most of the time the bots will walk you through adding the specific token addresses so you can see your airdrop balance when it shows up. Copy the wallet addresses into the receive search bar on trustwallet to see your Airdrop Earnings. ($50 value)
0x8701143a7554e16bc019f671d6440f023928a512 ($100 value)
0x3ffffa8f3cc943e43f9f17a83cbb18f4bbb9f4ac ($150 value)
0x64340ed116881e2b435b7240b3a60cf224630e01 ($250 value)
0x8044f8460cd2a396076a4ea8386cae63631db6a2 ($60 on May 30th)
0x7f927f984177323c4ac49e6b1d398e40cd1a78f6 ($25 value)
0xe290a460ead2b600a8ae32a42666fec3d482051e ($50 value)

This one is supposed to list for $15, and you get $300 worth. The Twitter doesn’t look too good, but worth a shot...
0xba79f0be1d86723cce79df7e9d3aae972f06df2e (Β£20 Value) 0x1b650a960cf630c9e1321d78608c818f16d12626 (5000 MYC Tokens)
0xe1ac9eb7cddabfd9e5ca49c23bd521afcdf8be49 ($150 Value)
0xe31ce41a96b857ce6d5c5d13ad0cf5fa5513627f ($25 Value)
TFXX6gSzYFhy1wEbvZhS75G2g3JM1pgc8t ($100 value)

0xC001eF6Ac289316E5e048eA86e3ea1eebF733029 ($50 value)

How long does it take for #Aidrops to pay?

They’re all different, each one should say the distribution date. Usually a few weeks or after their token sale/launch date.

Drop your best airdrop links in the comments! πŸš€πŸŒ•

*Disclaimer - Not financial advice, I am not a financial advisor. All of these coins are free and most have not been 'released' yet. There is always risk if you spend money on small coins you could lose all of your money. You are responsible for your own trading activities. Please be careful out there πŸ™

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