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Useful Referral Links 💰

Useful Referral Links 💰

Apr 08, 2021 is where most traders start off because of the easy to use interface it offers to its customers - to sign up for and we both get $25 USD :)

KuCoins bot features are good for gains (Mobile only)

Binance is my favorite exchange, it's the biggest longest running exchange in the world -

I use Coinbase sometimes -


I use Bitsgap as an all in one trading interface, it's free but you can upgrade for more features which I would recommend doing you can link almost any exchange which saves time logging in and the platform offers trading signals and trailing up features which I havent found anywhere else! -

Https:// - I signed up Nov 2020 (Long term investment)

Cash FX - I signed up Nov 2020 (Long term investment)

Get Cashback when you purchase almost anything online - I use this especially for insurance and utilities and then reinvest the cash back into crypto.

I use this so I don't have to think about general household bills -

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