Buy Shotgun Tori a coffee


Determined to find a way to make more music, I'm trying something new... and if you'd like to buy me a coffee, I'd really love that.

It seems to me that once you know what you were born to do, to not do it would be to look a gift horse in the mouth. And you know what they say about that right? (Well, they pretty much just say don't)

Some bio thing about what I do:

Lo-fi indie songwriter Shotgun Tori, writes because she can't not. The construction of the song becomes the expression of the deepest, least 'acceptable' emotions. Tori's imperative is that stories are to be shared and not left to whither quietly.

A passionate performer, her sweet road-worn vocals teeter along the fine line of raw indie and gritty folk and her songs are stories of the human experience. The themes she tackles are personal and profound: miscarriage, motherhood, infidelity, and hard times, are all faced head on.

Take a hearty dose of folk and country tones, throw them on uneven ground and then add a healthy injection of raw, life-roughened lyricism and you'll be halfway there in terms of soundscape.

Her songs have carried her to London, Amsterdam, Namibia, Mozambique, France and all over South Africa.

Currently based in Johannesburg, she is also the producer & host of the "Shotgun Story" podcast. A songwriters search for meaning, the podcast has conversations with indie creators about music, meaning and the point of it all.