Good day.

You might know that I spend a great deal of time looking at YouTube Analytics. I am serious about continuing to provide the content you want to see. So I have started to clean house on the channel. I have unlisted over 100 videos that just do not support the core niche of the viewership. I hope this makes it easier to find the content you come to this channel for. I value your time, your views, your comments and wish you the best.

ShotokuTech Story Time and its predecessor, ShotokuTech News of the Week are moving to a new channel. This started out as a fun part of my daily routine, catching up on the news from space, tech, weird and pop culture on Bing. It turned into 5 hours or more of video production that takes away from producing my regular content. Yet Story Time has a dedicated following and I still have to urge to do it. So I started a blog to act as a searchable compendium of the Story Time playlist to help promote it. I started a shorts channel ST-StoryTime to promote Story Time. All to no avail. I will still post new Story Time content whenever time allows. In the meantime, I will be moving all the Story Time content here: ST-StoryTime

Thanks again for your support.