Yes ! But this is not very easy. If you can try very much on amazon affiliate than you can Do it. Basically there are so many factors that works in back end when you generate sale.

I give you some tips that should help you to earn from amazon.

If you want to earn money from amazon that beat ad sense earning so you have to focus only on amazon affiliate.

Try to make a brand on a particular niche that you have a knowledge .Like if you have a knowledge on electronics than you will go to promote electronics.

Make 1–2 website on your niche and promote it at a festival time.Remember don’t promote any direct product because some time if you generate sale amazon will not pay for it because you do direct linking. So try to make a landing page that buyer can understand all thing about a product.

Suppose you promote a laptop - Than you need to write all info about this laptop and although you need to compare this laptop with another laptop that attracts customer very much and they judge this product into a one place.

Mostly people if anyone can want to buy a Acer laptop than he/she judge this laptop in different website ( e.g , Why this laptop is good ? what are some features that other laptops have not ? Is this the best budget laptops for developers ? What are price in others eCommerce stores ? what is warranty ? What software it use ? etc .) so you need to focus all those things that he/she want to know !

If you perfectly write a description about this laptop so 80% chance is they buy from your website and you will get a commission.

Now if you can see from SEO point of view than there are many factors work - That are - you need to know that what are your competitor websites write about this laptop ? Which points they focused in this laptops ? what are different things they described in their article ? so these are some basic things that you need to know.without this you focused a particular keyword that people search and you want to rank.

Now in this there are many websites who can analyze full of your competitor website but among them Semrush is the best and one and only company that provides you full analysis about your competitor can try it from here .

Now if you are a beginner than you need to know that what is Semrush ? what they do for you ? so you can know it from here . Here I will tell you what is it ? How you can use for your website in Hindi take a look about it.

Thank you hopefully these all information help you. If you like please up vote this answer and follow me.


Aritra from shouters Hunt